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occupies territory of 1200 thousands square kilometers (approximately 1/8 territories of all China) on the south-west outskirts of China, which equals the territory of Great Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands and Luxembourg taken together. In China Tibet is named as ?AD (Tibetan Autonomous District). The extent of state boundary within the limits of ??D makes 4600 km. The capital of ??D is Lhasa, that recently stormily develops and is more and more populated by Chinese.

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These free papers may as well teach you that the alpine position of Tibet stipulated severe climatic condition in the country and wide difference of temperatures in the day and night.

But due to strong insolation in winter, the temperature in Tibet is so low, middle annual temperature in South Tibet +8 on Celsius, in Northlands it is about 1-2 C, in central districts there almost are no severe frosts in winter, and during the summer time a strong heat happens rarely. The best season for trips is time from March to October.

Basic food in Tibet is a barley, a flour from the toasted grains of which is called Tsampa.

Tsampa is also a product baked using this flour served with yak milk butter and Tibetan tea. The barley flour is also used for making dough that is rolled into macaronis or used for the meat dumplings prepared with steam and called Momo. Meat dishes is mostly prepared from meat of yak, mutton or pork, and often are dried or stewed with spices and potato.

Mustard is grown on Tibet, and her grains are well presented in Tibetian kitchen. The yak milk butter, yoghurt and cheese, are very popular in Tibet, and well-cooked yoghurt is considered a very prestige delicacy. Butter tea also known as po cha is widespread in Tibet.

Other notable drink is barley beer or chhaang having a sweet and spicy taste.

For a long time Tibet was a closed country, and it was almost impossibly to get there. Only a few years ago this territory was opened for a visit by foreigners. The visitors are welcome to see more than 2000 temples and monasteries, which are the reserves of the culture and traditions of the East in Tibet.

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