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Research Paper on Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Stormy progress in the construction of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) showed distinctly that the level of development of modern electronics more than suffices for the creation of fully of off-line units. Thus, possibilities of control system, and consequently, the functional possibilities of flying robots are not inferior, but in a great deal excel the abilities and skills of average operator. It, in turn, opens the wide prospects of the UAV applications for the increase of defensive capacity of country, and for the solution of various civil tasks. On the current stage of the UAV development, it is yet difficult to talk about moderate prices. It is, however, quite obviously that quite soon, when basic investments in development of wares will be done, and the infrastructure of supplying hardware will be finally formed, the mass producing will begin.

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A similar road is yet to be passed by unmanned ground vehicle. The first are the teleguided robots built on the prominent prototype of that more than forty years old lunar roving vehicle. The telecontrol, realized with the use of modern achievements in the communication field, allows to create reliable robots for operating in dangerous environment, where the human life would be put at risk. For example, field robots-engineers equipped by manipulators for the capture of dangerous load, or a teleguided running gear for the fire extinguisher system or radiation surveillance equipment.

However, the need in operator disavows the self concept of the word “robot” in its economic aspect. The system is not autonomous, and, consequently, its economic efficiency is determined by the cost of the m/hrs spent on driving the teleguided undercarriage. It is quite another business, when the system becomes fully autonomous, and the expenses on operator fall off cost.

On the example of the UAV development, it is clear that the next stage of the unmanned ground vehicle development is a transition from the teleguided undercarriage to the autonomous unmanned ground vehicle, not requiring the presence of operator in the contour of control system. This transition promises the enormous prospects of development of this direction of robotics. Actually we will become the witnesses of transition of the use of robots from applications wherein the presence of humans is dangerous to the applications, where humans are not effective.

In the walls of modern plants this quiet revolution had happened already a long ago.

Motor-car auto giants long ago removed the workers from the assembly line, and robots execute their work with high economic efficiency and proper quality. And it is in spite of the fact that labor of a conveyor worker is impossible in any way to regard as underproductive.

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