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White-Box Testing Research Paper

The term “white-box testing” (rarely also Glass-box testing) refers to a method of software testing in which the tests are developed with knowledge of the inner workings of the system under test. In contrast to the black-box test in this test the tester is allowed to control the source code, i.e., the code is checked.

College students seeking to write a successful research paper on the topic have to know that an example of a white-box test is running-related testing (flow-oriented test method control) in which the graph of the control flow is in the foreground. Quality criterion of the test is to ensure that test cases meet some source code basic characteristics.

In this context, the following measures or quality criteria are accessible:

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  • Line alignment: execution of all source code lines;
  • Statement coverage or vertex cover: execution of all instructions;
  • Branch coverage and edge coverage: Iteration through all possible edges of branches of the control flow;
  • Condition coverage or expression coverage (several variants): Iteration through all possible crucial assignments in logical expressions in terms;
  • Path coverage (several variants): examination of the paths through a module.

The number of required test cases for each measure differs significantly in some cases. Edge engagement is generally regarded as the minimum test criterion. Depending on the type and structure of the software under test other measures of a system as a whole or for modules can be useful.

Even if a software system has been successfully tested in relation to a sufficiency criterion, does not preclude that it contains errors.

This is the nature of the white-box testing justified and can have one of the following causes:

  • The white-box test passes test cases not from the specification of the program here, but can be tested only on the correctness of a system, not whether it satisfies a required semantics.
  • Even if all program paths have been tested, it does not mean that a program works correctly. The case that the graph of the control flow edges is missing is not recognized.

In summary, it can said that White-box testing alone are not sufficient as the test methodology. A meaningful test series should combine Black-box testing and White box testing. After the cover measurement of the test cases of the Black-box testing (by a suitable tool) new test cases are set up to increase the coverage by looking at the uncovered parts of the code.

If you want to test a system and in its sub-systems, you need to know the inner functionality of the system under the test. White-box testing are particularly well suited to locate recessive, error, i.e., the error-causing component to identify and, as a in a regression test, to avoid a recurrence of the error already in the component.

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