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Wind Power research paper:

Wind power is a process of converting the kinetic energy of air masses in the atmosphere to electrical, mechanical, thermal, or in any other form of energy that is convenient for use in the economy. Such a transformation can be made by such units as the wind generator (for power), windmill (for conversion into mechanical energy), sailing (for use in transport), and others.

Until the nineteenth century, wind energy has been used to provide mechanical work.

The earliest use of wind energy is the sailing: there are indications, which allow suggesting that it has been used in the Aegean Sea from the eleventh millennium BC. The population of Oceania is likely formed itself by traveling under the sail long journeys of hundreds or thousands of miles at sea.

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The other main use of this power was by millers at windmills to convert grain into flour or crush the olives to extract the oil. One can also mention many windmills used for the draining polders in the Netherlands. The windmill appeared on the territory of today’s Afghanistan and has been used for irrigation in Persia since the year 600.

In the eighteenth century, on the eve of the Industrial Revolution, almost all of the energy needs of humanity were provided by renewable energy and wind power had a very important role in energy balance, providing the essential needs of international transport (sailing ships) and some inland transport (coastal and inland waterways) and the needs of the food industry (windmills).

The advent of the steam engine and the diesel engine, have led to the decline in wind power in the nineteenth century, the windmills are also gone, replaced by industrial mills.

The mid-twentieth century, wind power was no longer used for boating and the water pump (agriculture, polders).

Thereafter, for several decades, wind power has been used to generate electricity for remote settlements not connected to the power supply network (houses, farms, lighthouses, ships at sea, etc.) Installation without energy storage facilities meant that the presence of energy and wind were simultaneous. The appearance of energy storage batteries has allowed storing this energy and using it without the presence of wind. However, this type of installation involves only domestic and cannot applied to the industry.

Free example research paper topics on wind energy is the best way to understand that since the 1990s, technological improvements allowed to build more than 5 MW wind turbines and development of wind turbines of 10 MW is underway. These turbines are used today to produce alternating current for electrical networks in the same way as nuclear reactors, hydroelectric dams, and coal-fired plants. However, the power produced, production costs and environmental impacts are very different.

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