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Impressionism Research Paper

is an artistic trend in painting, literature, and music, which originated in the 1860s and ultimately formed in the second half of the 19th century in France. The founders of Impressionism, as well as Symbolism and Expressionism, were opposed to realism (especially neo-classicism and naturalism).

Impressionists try to recreate in their works the noble, graceful personal experience and observations of changing instant sensations and feelings, nature, catch the changing effects of light, but unlike neoclassicists are not obligated to reflect reality objectively, but rather to share their feelings with the observer of their work, affect him. The term was first used in a negative sense in a critical assessment of Monet’s work Impression, Sunrise (1872).

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In the second half of the nineteenth century (early 70s.), in France, there was created a group of young artists. For the first time in the history of art, the artists set a rule for themselves to work outside their studios: on the banks of the river, in the field, in the woods.

After the exhibition in Paris, these artists became known as the Impressionists from the pejorative critics based on Monet’s work Impression, Sunrise. This word suited to their works, because they passed their immediate artistic impression of what they saw. The artists came to the new vision of the world. The main inspiration for them became tremulous light, air, an environment in which shapes of peoples and objects were plunged.

In their paintings, one can feel the wind, the earth, wet after the rain and warmed by the sun. They sought to make out and show the amazing richness of color in nature. Impressionism was the last great art movement of the 19th century in France.

It is not that the way of impressionism was easy. At first, society did not recognize it, believing it too bold and unusual. No one wanted to buy such paintings. It has taken many years to recognize Impressionism, when some of the founders of the movement were no longer alive.

One of the most prominent figures of Impressionism was Claude Monet (1840-1926). Any picture of him is striking with acute observation, free and easy strokes, bold elegance of colorful combinations. This painter was a pioneer, often engaged in fights with official French criticism.

By studying Impression free sample research paper topics, you will know that working mainly in the field of landscape, Monet, and those close to him artists – Renoir, Pissarro, and Sisley – drew attention to the fact that one and the same landscape is very different on a sunny or cloudy day, with morning or evening light. Noting also that the shadows of objects are not black, but have grades of grey, they refused to use black color in their work.

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