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Lewis and Clark Research Paper

Lewis and Clark research paper:

Lewis and Clark Expedition (1803-1806) is the first overland expedition through the territory of the United States from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific and back. The expedition was led by Merriweather Lewis and William Clark. The original purpose of the expedition was quite modest – to explore the territory the United States acquired in the purchase of Louisiana from France, and the results have laid the basis for the future expansion of the United States to the Wild West. On the road, Sacagawea of the Shoshone tribe, who was of great help as a translator, joined the expedition.

In 1803, the U.S. President Thomas Jefferson commissioned Lewis and Clark to lead the first official expedition to the Wild West of America to search for the path of the river to the Pacific Ocean.

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Purchased from France in 1803, Louisiana Territory, which occupies about a third of the territory of the modern United States, had no clearly defined boundaries to the north, west, and south-west. In the south-western part of it was claimed by Spain, believing that the border of Texas was fixed further to north than France and the United States included in the territory of the Louisiana Purchase. The area was inhabited mostly by Indians, and up to 1803 was practically undeveloped. What was further to the west, it was not known (in particular, before the expedition, there was no information of the existence of the Rockies). In addition, it was required to explore the area natural resources. Jefferson wanted to open the land for settlement and trade, and to make America rich and powerful as never before. However, before that, no one has ever explored the Wild West. No one knew what dangers awaited researchers and whether they return home at all. Many tried to dissuade the president from the idea, but he was sure he was right and that he had found the right people.

Merriweather Lewis was a captain, private secretary to the president, and William Clark was Lieutenant, an old friend of Lewis. After a careful elaboration, they developed a bold plan. They were going up the Missouri River as far as they can, cross the Rocky Mountains, and then get to the Pacific Ocean by the Columbia River.

The preparation for the expedition took them all winter. Assembled a group of 43 people received the majestic name of the Corps of Discovery, stoked up 6 tons of stockpiled food and everything that could be needed in the hard way: weapons, drugs, scientific equipment and gifts for the Indians. The luggage was loaded in three large boats: one barge and two canoes.

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