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The term “yellow journalism” refers to the type of press, which often deals with issues of content from affordable publications, specialized on rumors, sensations (often speculations), scandals, gossip, and shocking taboo subjects. The information in such publications is not presented as spiritual and practical knowledge, but rather as an entertainment product.

There are several theories about the origin of this concept. According to one of them, the name comes from the color of newspapers are printed on cheap paper. According to another version, the appearance associated with the lawsuit between newspapers the New York World owned by Pulitzer and the New York Journal American comics by Hearst about the comic series Yellow Kid in 1896. This kid was bound by its color Sino-Japanese War of 1895, which was the first to show the West a wave of the jingoistic hysteria in Japanese society (yellow peril), which he parodied – yellow kids had Asian features. They have been portrayed as having a slovenly attitude and impudent behavior.

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In the process of establishing mass culture, such tabloids as The New York Sun, The New York Herald and The New York Tribune emerged. Even then, sexual themes, motifs of death, coverage of scandals, crime, and violence dominated the front pages of the “yellow” newspapers.

New ways to increase the level of popularity were widely used by Pulitzer Publishing (The New York World and Hearst (The San Francisco Examiner, New York Journal, etc.). Their newspapers were successfully sold out not only because of timely coverage of interesting facts, but also due to the practice of creating so-called «human-interest stories» – news stories that “… more focused on awakening emotions (compassion, pathos, humor, anxiety, curiosity ) than for lighting certain events.” first Pulitzer and then Hearst both used a special kind of sensational reporting, which has become the main method of displacement of the center of attention from the fact on its presentation.

Today, such tabloids are a significant part of the press landscape. In the market for women’s magazines (about 21 million copies edition) they occupy 44 percent market share (2003). About 9 million of these magazines are sold week after week.

The topic selection and preparation differ in a number of areas of yellow journalism and the yellow press, the boundaries are blurred. The columns are full of reports of human characteristics such as love, hatred, jealousy or the desire for fame or wealth, put right mentally for petty-bourgeois imagination. The love stories of famous women who belong to a ruling nobility are the most popular. The coverage of Farah Diba, Silvia of Sweden, Princess Diana, Caroline of Monaco or Letizia of Spain is symbolic of many other prominent nobles in Europe.

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