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Dwarfism is the term which defines the grown-up person who has extremely low height.

Dwarfism occurs because of the shortage of growth hormone or the disorder of its structure. In fact, there are many factors, which cause dwarfism and the most influential are the problems with growth hormone, troubles with thyroid (here the disorder is worsened by the mental diseases), dysfunction of the endocrine system, etc. Furthermore, there are genetic factors, which embrace a few problems (bone, muscle diseases) into the single one. It is quite easy to recognize a dwarf. Generally, the person looks like a 5-year old child, but the head is a bit bigger in proportions and the hands and legs are shorter. The main problem of dwarves is not the little height, but the early maturity.

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The person starts to suffer from the diseases which are typical for elderly people quite early and it causes quick death. Moreover, the life of dwarves is quite difficult, because their poor health and lower ability to resist diseases. Dwarves have always existed in the human society and there are notes about them in the Roman Empire and Medieval Europe. It does not worth mentioning that the attitude towards them was far from tolerant and no one treated them like the equal grown-up people. In the medieval times there was a tendency among the European monarchs to have dwarves in the court who played the role of a jester and had to entertain the monarch and the whole court. Today the situation is much more favourable and dwarves have the normal attitude and have the equal opportunities to get a job.

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