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is a computer program which translates the executable file into the equivalent source code on the programming language of the highest level. Decompilation is the process of reconstitution of the source code with decompiler. Decompilation is most often applied in reverse engineering when it is important to find out about the source code of the program. The purposes of this process are different. Most often it is conducted to find the source code and create other similar improved programs on its basis. The success of the work of the decompiler depends on the quantity of information stored in the decompiled code. The bite-code which is used in the majority of the virtual machines (like Java Virtual Machine or NET Framework Common Language Runtime) often contains quite broad metadata which enables the expert to carry out decompilation successfully, while the machine code is less detailed and more complicated for decompilation. If it is not known what language was used for the writing of the decompiled program, the runtime libraries are analyzed in the first turn.

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It enables to recognize the language of writing and the templates which were used for writing. The process of decompilation is quite useful for the deciphering of the complicated programs which has been damaged by something, for example, viral programs, etc. Unfortunately, sometimes decompilers are treated like the illegal programs, because they break the copyright law which protects the decompiled program from the illegal copying and its structural analysis. Very often hackers decompile the selected programs and video games breaking the licence codes making them free for the general use.

Decompiler is a specific computer program which can be applied for various purposes, mostly for the recognition of the source code of the selected programs and the student is able to observe the problem in detail in order to enrich his background and professional knowledge with the new facts about the program. The student is asked to complete an informative and well-analyzed assignment which would explain the work of decompiler, its functions, the factors which influence the quality of its work and the spheres where it can be applied. Finally, one should summarize the issue objectively and draw the wise conclusions concerning the possible improvement of decompiler and its extended use for various additional purposes.

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