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Diego Rivera, born 8 December 1886 in Guanajuato, Mexico and died in 24 November 1957 in San Ángel, a wealthy neighborhood of Mexico City, was a Mexican painter known for his frescoes wall, mainly in the official buildings in the historic center of Mexico City.

From research papers on Diego Rivera you will know that between 1913 and 1918, his paintings were inspired by Cubistm (including Zapatista Landscape, 1915), and then he returned to figuration. In his trip to Italy in 1920 he discovered the murals that inspired him for his best-known later work, huge murals. He used traditional pigments used in pre-Hispanic times. The themes on control of the government are social and historical concerning the recent official history of Mexico.

In 1886, Diego’s mother gave birth to twins Diego María Rivera and Carlos María Rivera in Guanajuato.

Shortly after the death of his twin brother in 1888, Diego began drawing.

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The Rivera family moved to Mexico City in 1893.

In 1898, Diego enrolled to the National School of Fine Arts in San Carlos, against the advice of his father, who would have preferred a military school. In 1905, after his graduation from San Carlos, he received a scholarship to study in Europe from Teodoro Dehesa, Governor of the State of Veracruz and the pillar of government Porfirio Díaz.

He went to Europe in 1907, first in Madrid. In March 1909, he completed his studies and moved to Paris, then a few weeks later he made a tour of Northern Europe, visit Bruges and the Netherlands and London. In 1909, during his trip with María Blanchard to Brussels he met the Russian painter Angelina Beloff, whom he married and with whom he visited Britain.

He returned to Mexico in 1910 to attend the celebrations of the centenary of the beginning of the war of independence. November 20, 1910 Carmelita Diaz, wife of President Díaz, inaugurated exhibition of works by Diego Rivera and bought six paintings for her personal collection; Mexican state acquired seven of his works.

The revolt spread in the country, and after taking Ciudad Juárez by the troops of Francisco Madero, President Diaz went into exile in May 1911, hoping to avoid a civil war in the country.

Rivera left the country for Paris in April 1911.

He traveled to Catalonia, visit Toledo and Madrid together with Angelina Beloff.

The Madero government renewed his scholarship in 1911, allowing him to spend the summer and winter in 1912 in Spain, where he as interested in the works of El Greco.

In 1913, the Madero regime was overthrown by Victoriano Huerta. Since 1914, Rivera moved to Montparnasse, where he befriended Modigliani, who painted his portrait. But during the civil war, the Mexican government did not pay him his scholarship more: he must go to Majorca, then spend the winter in Madrid.

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