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Term Paper on DNA Fingerprinting

DNA fingerprinting is the method of the identification of the individuals on the basis of the analysis of their DNA. Naturally, years ago one will not imagine the connection between the DNA analysis and forensic sciences, but today the issue is quite relevant and is worth attention. Due to the scientific research and discoveries it has become possible to identify the person on the basis of her DNA and this method has become actively applied in forensics. It is obvious that the majority of the people who were accused of committing a crime many years ago were innocent and it was quite difficult to prove their innocence without witnesses and reliable evidence. So that the effectiveness and objectiveness of the police and judicial system was quite poor as many innocent people were imprisoned because of the poor work of the police. Fortunately, with the development of genetics the experts have managed to invent the methods of identifying the human personality just on the basis of the result of her blood, sperm, saliva and hair.

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The quality of the work of the police has increased due to the brand new opportunity to identify the criminal on the basis of the examples of his blood or hair.

This invention is quite useful and reduces the frequency of the imprisonment of the innocent people because it is quite easy to learn whether the suspect is guilty or not just analyzing his DNA. The only disadvantage of the method of DNA fingerprinting is its cost – sometimes it is too expensive to make the analysis and the suspect is imprisoned because he can not prove his innocence. Because of the high cost of the method it has not been practised in the developing countries, so the rates of crime are still too high there.

DNA fingerprinting is a very useful and effective method for the improvement of the performance of the forensic scientists. The student is able to concentrate on the strong and weak parts of DNA fingerprinting, explanation of the details of the method; illustration of the peculiarities of the analysis; demonstration of the spheres where the methodology is applied, etc. The student’s duty is to evaluate the relevance of DNA fingerprinting and its usefulness in forensic sciences. It is also possible to provide the professor with the several interesting cases of this matter to illustrate how the method works on practice.

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