Essay on Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity Essay:

In such sciences as sociology and politology, the concept of unity in diversity refers to coexistence of the different cultural or sociological environments. The classification can be based on age, gender, religious, ethnic, social, intellectual grounds.

Some sociologists consider this concept as a possibility to describe the existence of different cultures within a society, in fact within a nation-state. The acceptance of cultural diversity or tolerance materializes during periods of economic growth. During the periods of economic recession, or crisis, cultural diversity becomes competitive, undesirable, and unacceptable by the proponents of centralization and the authority of that same State begins to profess domination in the name of “supreme values,” that is to say an ideology.

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In fact, the concept of cultural diversity has been if not invented, at least extended and widespread in the United States since the 1970s, especially contributed by the Supreme Court decision in 1978 (Bakke decision) and the cultural laws by Jimmy Carter in 1980. Admittedly, these measures have had a strong positive impact on the internal diversity, which is considerable in the United States due to numerous minorities (30 million Hispanics Americans, 25 million Afro Americans, 12 million Asian Americans etc.). Cultural diversity within the United States, with every language, belief, expression, or lifestyle is not only possible and lawful, but also is protected by the Constitution.

The UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity of 2001 is considered cultural diversity a legal instrument recognizing it for the first time the as “common heritage of humanity” and considering its preservation as a specific need and ethics inseparable from the respect for human dignity.

The current interest in the problem of cultural diversity is related to the fact that cultural differences in society not only did not disappear or smoothed out, but, on the contrary, show clear trends to growth. Student writing their essays on diversity must clearly realize all the different aspects of the impact cultural diversity has on modern society. In their research, college student have to indicate what caused the appearance of such a phenomenon and describe the role of the immigration for that matter. The investigators are required to present the idea of assimilation, as well as tolerance in terms of cultural diversity.

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