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Social problems are the serious issues and situations, which influence the life of people and the existence of the human society negatively and require effective solutions. The term of social issues appeared in the end on the 19th century when the scientists started to think about the worldwide problems and the ways of their solution.

The number and the types of social problems have been constantly changing, because the development of the human society is the dynamic and unpredictable process.

Nevertheless, there are many social problems which have always existed and will probably exist in future, because their defeat is impossible because of various reasons. First of all there are economic problems which provoke numerous social issues, for example, poverty.

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Poverty is a wide problem which causes other related problems, like alcoholism and drug abuse (people start to drink alcohol only having lost hope the prosperous future); unemployment; crime (having unfavorable financial background people often commit crimes as they do not see the alternative way out); prostitution (here adds the problem of HIV and AIDS); terrorism; suicide; corruption; homeless people; parentless children; abuse; pollution, etc. All the problems which are regarded as the social ones are based on economics, because the people who have low income often become the victims of the described issues. Furthermore, there are also military conflicts, which are related with crimes and terrorism and refugees and uncontrolled migration. It is impossible to solve these problems separately, because every problem is connected with the other, that is why the global community should work hard to solve the issues in complex and improve the life of the people on the planet.

The topic on social issues should be investigated scrupulously, because the student should analyze the problem in detail to be able to draw the right conclusions and suggest the most appropriate solutions to the enumerated problems. One should explain the general meaning of the term social problems and then touch upon every issue evaluating its important and relevance. The student should prepare a complicated image of the complex of the social issues which exist on the planet and brainstorm interesting and effective methods which can improve the situation considerably. It is useful for the student to take advantage of critics and numerous articles on the definite issues to cover the topic entirely.

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