Essay on Professionalism in Sports

Professionalism in Sports essay:

The actual danger of the professionalism in sport is to make sport a show business. An athlete loses his freedom and become a tool in the hands of a commercial agent, who determines where he or she should participate, paying particular attention to the income from ticket sales and broadcasting rights. I personally have nothing against professional sport. However, if the professionals was allowed to the Olympics, the Olympic movement would fell into the hands of managers and impresarios.

By the end of XX century three categories were clearly distinguished in sport: health activity (fitness), elite sport (Olympic), and professional sport (commercial). Unlike the other two categories, the main indicator of success of professional sport is a commercial benefit. For 2008, the average salary of football English Premier League was 1.2 million pounds. Such high costs for athletes, coaches, and the wait staff in professional sports are compensated from different sources, such as ticket sales, the sale of broadcasting rights, income from rental of sports facilities, selling club symbolic, endorsement, using stadium as a advertising platform, etc.

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Professional sport is similar to the elite sport (Olympic) by both their expensiveness and the athlete full-time employment. Although gymnastics, figure skating, athletics, and many other sports weakly are not very commercially successful, a victory in the major competitions requires engaging with full dedication, with virtually no time for other activities.

Professional sport is traditionally considered a hindrance antagonist of amateur sport.

There are three social functions of sport: the output of negative emotions, role model, and ritual (repeated social activity, whether it is going to the gym after work or on weekends to the stadium). These functions are aggravated with the professionalism in sports, which has made it much more spectacular, athletes are constantly in sight of the press, and there is limited quantity of the professional leagues and clubs.

There is a belief that sport brings in man only the best moral qualities. To some extent this is the case – the athlete needs to take care of himself to keep a good physical shape, he have to develop the ability to quickly make a decision, and to have good communication skills for effective team play and more. However, many athletes learn to break the rules “intelligently,” ignore the norms of behavior, etc. This is especially common in professional sports. According to sociologists, sport is a mirror of the actual lifestyle: if society is distributed roughness and violence, it will be the same in sports. If politicians and businessmen eager to win at any cost, professional sport will submerge in doping, match-fixing, and the judge bribery.

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