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    Article Summary Essay Sample

    In the article, “Harnessing Innovation for Change: Sustainability and Poverty in Developing Countries,” Khavul & Bruton (2013) examine strategies that managers can use to incorporate poverty eradication efforts into the social sustainability nexus across international settings. According to the authors, poverty is a major challenge in the development of innovations that promote sustainability. The main stakeholders that managers should consider while developing the interventions include local customers, suppliers, and other individuals in the spiritual ecosystem. The paper is organized in different sections, including the introduction, factors that influence the sustainability nexus, and a conclusion. The introduction part offers an overview of sustainability in international business and how poverty in developing…

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    Literary Analysis Essay Example

    The death of Toni Morrison in 2019 left a significant vacuum in the world of literature. Morrison, a celebrated black American writer, will be remembered for championing women’s rights and equality, especially for African Americans living in a deeply segregated America. As one of the leading black writers of her generation, Morrison was not blind to the rampant racism in America. In her novel, Song of Solomon, Morrison places racism as one of her central themes. She believes that racism is the root cause of misery. As black characters strive to discover their true identities, they unearth dark secrets about the evils of racism. In Song of Solomon, Morrison believes…

  • Research Papers

    Machine Learning Regression

    Regression is a statistical method of predicting the dependent variable given independent variables. Dependent variables are the variables that the researcher has no control over where else the independent variables are the variables that the researcher has control over. This method is usually supervised. In a Multiple regression method the number of Independent variables are more than one. There are many types of regression which includes: Linear regression, Logistic regression, Polynomial regression, Support vector regression and decision tree regression. Data scientists and statisticians use different kinds of machine learning algorithms in order to discover patterns in the data. Algorithms can be classified into either supervised or unsupervised two depending on…

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    Essay on Blood Bananas: Chiquita in Colombia

    The Chiquita in Colombia participated in the tropical growing and marketing of bananas. However, the business was later referred to as “Blood Bananas” because the company was linked to many criminal activities. For instance, Chiquita was tied to bribing Latin American government officials to receive preferential treatment. Moreover, the company encouraged US coups against small nations and dictatorships in Central America’s “banana republics.” Additionally, it exploited its local workers, created an abusive monopoly, and worked with terrorists. Based on the reading, my perspective on business abroad has changed since I understand that besides being immensely rewarding, it is characterized by significant risks, including companies having a damaged reputation and receiving…

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    The Electoral College Essay

    Voters in the U.S. go to the polls every four yours to elect the nation’s president as well as their vice president. However, when casting their ballots, voters do not pick the presidential election winner based solely on the national popular vote. What they do by casting this ballot is to help determine who their state’s Electoral College Delegates will support for the president and vice president. Therefore, a candidate may end up winning the popular vote nationally and still fail to win the presidency owing to a shortage of votes in the Electoral College, as was the case in 2016. Klepeis explains that the Electoral College has its basis…

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    State’s Response to Intelligence Essay

    Key Individuals and Plot Analysis Intercepted calls from key suspects reveal their intentions to carry out attacks in the United States. The links between the identified individuals and extremist groups calls for heightened surveillance of planned attacks that would expose the country to devastating losses of lives and property. The identification of the key masterminds who sought to engage other groups provides insights into the commands connected to him and the specific regions where planning happens. Further, intelligence reports from the NSA, FBI and CIA reveals the existence of individuals with expertise in explosives, logistical planning, hacking, and business. For example, intelligence identified individuals planning terror attacks and had expertise…

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    Essay on Referral Programs

    Referral programs have become a rather popular way to acquire new customers. However, many question the effectiveness of the method and whether the referral customers are more loyal than any other. The research aims to study the referral programs and examine the effectiveness of this method. What is more, the research additionally focuses on word of mouth (WOM) method and evaluates the effectiveness of organic and firm-stimulated WOM. Finally, the research looks into the methods of referral programs and their proficiency. The technique of referral programs has been widely used as they are considerably cheaper than any other means of promoting business, for instance, a newly opened gym or fitness…

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    Business Entity Analysis

    A recent Supreme Court ruling expressly limits the media and public’s access to specific government records. The Supreme Court decided to expand on an existing federal law definition of what falls under the terms of confidentiality. During the ruling, the important issue being analyzed was an aspect of confidentiality under the Freedom of Information Act. Part of the Freedom of Information Act mentions items that should be kept secret or may cause harm if it becomes public. The Supreme Court took this part of the Freedom of Information Act and reexamined its definition, broadening its terms. In a 6-3 decision, with Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, and Sonia Sotomayor…

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    How the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted My Life

    COVID-19 has altered life significantly. Social distancing is now the norm, which has prompted the restriction of activities, including sports, work, and recreation, and trade. Many countries effected lockdowns, which impeded different sectors, especially tourism, teaching, and trade, among others. Countries have had to close learning institutions indefinitely, leading to the loss of teaching jobs and learning time. I have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in various ways. for example, I can no longer use physical learning platforms and I have faced loneliness and bouts of depression due to prolonged periods of being alone. However, there exists various measures, including shifting to online platforms, that I can take to…

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    The Importance of Participating in Elections

    Have you ever thought about the importance of participating in elections? I am certain that the majority of you do not participate in elections being disinterested in politics. Throughout this particular speech, I will try to convince you to change your mind regarding the importance of voting. When you hear the notion ‘voting’, I am certain that the first thing that comes to your mind is nothing but electing the right candidate, and it is partially true. In accordance with Muddassir Ahmad Gado, a Nigerian professor at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, “voting is the expression of one’s preference or choice for a candidate or for a proposed resolution of an issue…