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    Pandora Company Essay

    Pandora is the most successful subscription-based radio service. Its considerable user base depicts its huge success. By mid-2013, the brand had over two-hundred million registered members, with its active listeners reaching a number of more than seventy million users. More than seventy percent of all the internet -based radio-listening hours were attributed to Pandora, and as a result, the company had a market share of seven percent of the aggregate US radio-listening market. Question 1 The original business of Pandora was established in 2005 and was based on issuing ten hours of free access to users. After using the 10-hour free access, the customers were required to pay thirty-six dollars…

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    Philosophy Essay Sample

    Part One Rene Desecrates’ Three Kinds of Doubt Rene Descartes goes through three stages of doubt in a quest to demolish preconceived opinions that otherwise detract the attainment of true knowledge. The first stage, sensory illusion, strives to express the notion that experience is representational and thus cannot serve as a basis of true knowledge. That is, information gained from the senses should not be taken as absolute and indubitable due to its unreliableness. The example of a stick’s bent appearance when inserted in a glass of water serves is a valid example of illusionary doubt described by Descartes. One cannot argue that since the stick appears to be bent,…

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    Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Essay

    Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Australia: Literature Review Mothers’ lifestyle choices significantly impact their children both while unborn and later as they grow. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) include several conditions in the children whose mothers were regular consumers of alcohol during gravidity, including cognitive disabilities, behavioral issues, growth restriction, and craniofacial abnormalities (Cook et al., 2016). Globally, close to one in every ten women (9.8%) drink alcohol during pregnancy (Commonwealth of Australia, 2018; Lange et al., 2017; Popova et al., 2019). The systematic review by Popova et al. (2019) indicates a rising prevalence of FASDs in unique subpopulations, such as the Aborigines of Australia, with significant impairment to children’s…

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    Black Lives Matter Argumentative Essay

    How has the Montgomery Bus Boycott influenced modern society or not through the four lenses of history, humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences Lens Connections in History: The Montgomery Bus Boycott not only precipitated the black community to ride the Montgomery bus system as freely as their white peers, it stood as the catalyst to the rise of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement (Hare, 2005). In terms of the history of this movement, the boycott marked a turning point towards ending black segregation in America. Therefore, its significance in American history is seminal, sparking a US Supreme Court ruling which ended segregation, thirteen months after Rosa Parks’…

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    Audit Risk Essay

    The business risk associated with Myer Holding Ltd is the increasing company’s overreliance on the use of technology. In the recent past, the company has adopted various technologies to enhance the company’s rapid development in its digital environment (“Myer Holding Ltd,” 2019). However, the trend poses malfunction risks to the company’s information and technology systems. Technology malfunctions might arise due to the obsolescence of information technology infrastructure, cyber-security breaches or data theft of the client’s personal information. The impact of such actions is detrimental to the company’s net sales as witnessed in the reduction of the company’s net sales by 3.5% in the financial year 2019. Thus, the business is…

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    Essay on Mental Health for Children in the United States

    Prevention of mental illness is critical, especially among children, since one might not understand them when experiencing such problems. Parents should ensure they understand different mental illnesses that their children might experience to help in the early detection of such illnesses (Espejo & Thomson Gale, 2012). The prevention and proper management of children’s mental health are critical since t ensure they have a better, healthy life as they grow to become adults. Numerous adverse conditions might be witnessed in the future if there is no proper management of any mental health issues when one is a child. The issue of addressing mental health problems has not been fully covered by…

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    COVID-19 and the Unemployment Increase Essay

    Introduction The outbreak of COVID-19 has created a substantial economic downturn in the American economy. The numbers of unemployed Americans during this crisis has now increased by 14 million people, and was up to 20.5 million people by May 2020 (Lee, 2020). That’s a substantial increase of more than half compared to the unemployment numbers in the country we saw in February before the COVID crisis had taken hold, when unemployment stood at just 6.2 million. Back in February 2020, the United States unemployment rate stood at just 3.8%, which was one of the lowest records of unemployment in history since the time of World War II (Aaronson & Alba,…

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    Dark Places vs Gone Girl Essay

    The anti-hero character has slowly become a popular part of modern literature largely because of the appeal the character brings to the audience. This particular character type engages in actions, which go against society’s set rules. These acts do become a form of wish fulfillment for the audience, as they can live through the character. In turn, the character becomes more relatable because he or she has an imperfect nature. Through the characters of Anny Dunne and Libby Day in Gillian Flynn’s books, Dark Places, and Gone Girl, anti-hero characters are intriguing and exciting because of their contradicting personality characteristics and unclear goals, which create realistic characters the audience, can…

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    Response Essay Sample

    How does this book portray slaves’ owners? (Like Mr. and Mrs. Shelby- not like Mr. Haley). Faced with a critical issue of faith and law, the slave owners know that whatever action they take will significantly impact their lives, losing their farm or try to salvage it by selling their slaves. Mr. Shelby’s description of a considerate and caring person in the manner of his treatment of his slaves acknowledging the treatment his slaves would get once sold the South, he debt makes him extremely desperate, and it would be the only way to keep his house. Mrs. Shelby explores her spiritual beliefs on slavery and the overall impact on…

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    Concept Analysis Paper

    Substance abuse in adolescent is associated with risk factors such as drug induced psychosis or suicide. The serious risk factors are at the focus of the pediatric health departments and the public health sector as they lead to serious mortalities. The health systems seek to increase their capacity to screen and provide early interventions for the affected youth. This paper seeks to examine the issue to assessment and management of substance abuse among adolescents in inpatient settings. The clinical report by Levy and Williams (2016) introduces the concepts of screening and a clinical approach that applies policy guidelines. The report capitalizes on early screening and brief interventions before referral to…