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    Guided Reading Research Paper

    Guided reading is one of the trends in literacy promotion that has increasing popularity due to its effectiveness in building the reading power in children. According to Fountas & Pinnell (2017), guided reading is a method developed by instructors to allow the learners develop small reading groups aimed at providing differentiated teaching and enhance the reading proficiency in students (p. 8). Besides, some teachers may implement other approaches, such as reading aloud, in conjunction with guided reading to support the literacy learning of the children. The primary objective of guided reading is to help students across all stages to develop their power of reading through a set of established network…

  • Research Papers

    Common Core Standards Research Paper

    The U.S citizens are dissatisfied with the K-12 education for a good reason. Despite investing in education compared with any other progressive nations in the globe, the U.S 15-year-olds rank 23rd in science congress and 31st in the math contest. Therefore, the U.S should seek immediate solutions to avoid becoming a third-world nation. The latest idea initiated by the Common Core State Standards, which has been embraced by 45 nations, has stirred considerable argumentation and stimulating the opposition. Although Common Core was introduced in 2009 and has received broad media coverage, including serving as a form of entertainment by famous comedians, 61% of petitioners to a recent Gallup poll addressed…

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    The Underground Railroad Research Paper

    Slavery and slave trade is the most disgraceful practice which has ever existed throughout the history of mankind. The United States of America still deals with the consequences of the dissemination of doctrine of inequality of men of different race based on bigotry, prejudice and ignorance. The events in the United States known as the Underground Railroad intensified the arguments between the North and South which were translated into the Civil War of 1860-1865, the end of which marks the establishment of the equality of races in the United States of America, at least de jure. Racial discrimination is one of the hardest challenges every country in the world. For…

  • Research Papers

    PCAP Research Paper

    Packet captures (PCAP) are essential computer network application programming interface that function to capture the network traffic. Operating systems that are based on UNIX feature PCAP in the library of libpcap. Windows based operating systems feature PCAP within their WinPcap which acts as their libpcap ports. Monitoring applications make use of WinPcap or even a libpcap or both in order to capture data packets that traverse within a network. Where else, new versions of monitoring application utilize the WinPcap to transmit data packets in the link layer of a network. Monitoring applications also make use of of libpcap and WinPcap to obtain the list of network interfaces that augur with…

  • Research Papers

    Transfer of Learning in Education Research Paper

    Introduction The flow of information into the mind of human beings is a key aspect of how learning occurs. This is represented by knowledge dissemination in education. According to Sousa (2011), the processing of information by the human brain is a complex matter influenced by dynamics of an individual’s environment. These dynamics are the changes that relate to the five main senses, which are touch, hearing, sight, smell, and taste. The past experiences of people also influence their understanding and processing of that information (Sousa, 2011). Education is practiced through the impartation of knowledge from the instructor to a student. This makes education a knowledge-based concept with emphasis on the…

  • Research Papers

    Multi Component Reactions Research Paper

    Abstract Phenol pyridine and its derivatives have become important because of their high presence in the environment. They also have extremely adverse medical effects, including being a critical raw material in pharmaceutical explorations. Phenol pyridines are some of the common forms of multi-reactive components since they form very attractive synthetic strategies as a result of the ease of accessing them as well as their multistep synthesis (Altaf et al.). This paper aims to conduct an in-depth analysis of the nature and form of phenol pyridines, including their importance, uses, derivatives, value in the pharmaceutical industry, and others.

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    Titanic Movie Summary Essay

    Titanic is one of the most iconic films in the history of the film sector. James Cameron wrote, directed, co-edited, and directed the epic romance movie that made its debut in 1997. Titanic is based on a true story of the RMS Titanic sinking that occurred in 1912. However, the film combines some fictional elements to make it more interesting and intriguing. A comparison between Titanic and the RMS Titanic tragedy reveals some differences and similarities. One of the main causes of the differences is the inclusion of the fictional elements in the film. Despite Titanic deviating from the original historical tragedy due to the inclusion of fictional elements, the…

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    Essay on Company Breaches

    FEMA The organization discovered on 15th March 2019 that it had shared personal details of 2.5 million of its clients with one of its contractors. The sharing of information occurred between 2008 and 2018. The data belonged to disaster victims including Hurricane Irma. The personal details included banking information belonging to about 1.8 million people. The discovery occurred during an audit revealing. Based on the privacy breach, FEMA opted out of the housing program and decided to pay the hotels directly. The organization further offered free credit monitoring for 18 months for its victims (Bates & Hassan, 2019). Columbia Surgical Specialists of Spokane On 9th January 2019, the organization established…

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    Essay: What Makes the United States a Strong Country?

    Many countries aim at achieving power to dictate the overall conduct of other nations in the geopolitical space. While a government can use hard control through physical force, others can use soft ability to realize their desired objectives. In this case, the U.S. uses both examples of the ability to achieve their targets. In the geopolitical space, governments aim at influencing the directive of different outcomes to grow their impact around the globe. From this realization, different nations explore their ability to establish dominance in the geopolitical space because of the numerous benefits associated with influencing the decision-making process of global players. In the comprehensive imperial game, the U.S. had…

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    Crime of Passion Essay

    A crime of passion is violence committed against someone due to an intense impulse such as rage. The offense is mostly due to an aforethought, and thus, happens in the heat of passion. A classic example of such crime is when dating and a third party is involved, and the third party is killed out of jealousy. The article by Minyvonne Burke evidences a man who is accused of killing his girlfriend and two other members of her family. The man, Jesse Dobbs who was 23, pleaded guilty to killing his 16-year-old girlfriend but not to killing her two relatives. He was then charged with first-degree murder when the body…