Dissertation Thesis Proposal Example

This paper will focus the way the Canadian government has recently added several mandatory minimum sentences for various high level crimes. Do mandatory minimum sentences reduce crime, or would it be better to allow judges to use their discretion?

The mandatory minimum sentences reduce crime. The Canadian government is right to add several mandatory minimum sentences for various high level crimes.

This minimal mandatory sentence will renovate the crime scene since there will be reduced cases of bailouts and parole and this will make the convicted criminals to fear such cases of harsh verdicts. Parole and bailouts increase the level the crime since they make crime to be taken easily in the court rooms. The minimum mandatory sentence is effective and convenient as a weapon used to reduce crime conveniently. This is because it will help to reduce common crimes and limit the discretion that is used by judges.

This paper will focus on the differentiated aspects that encompass the minimum sentence requirement and the associated repercussions. It will also revolve around the evidence that is given in the court rooms so as to assist the prosecutor to nail the convict and convince the judge to impose the minimum mandatory sentence. This dissertation proposal will revolve also on the differentiated aspects that entail to the parameters under which the minimum mandatory sentence can be imposed. The people that are eligible to the minimum mandatory sentence have to be defined and categorized saliently under the constitution and the law. For instance, people below the recommended the age of maturity and who are minors may not be required to be imposed under this minimum mandatory sentence.

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