Essay on Idealism in Education

Today I want to speak about philosophy of idealism in education: what pro and cons of the issue are and which are the best provisions of the issue that can be adopted in modern education.

On the current state of education is said and written a lot. All agree that “it is necessary to do something.” But what – here views differ radically. Incredibly wide range of offerings and variegated. From the full and unconditional acceptance of the western model to following the ancient eastern methods and techniques. It, of course, is well, when there are a lot of opinions and they are all freely aired and debated. On the other hand, we must note a sad but typologically purely fact: education reform has already begun and is completely independent of any debate there was. No matter how many officials said that they listen to the conclusions of some “experts,” I do not believe the officials would do something right. None of employees in higher education that I know, including academics, professors and associate professors, is among those most mysterious “experts.”

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In short, the suite of mystery decision-making in education goes to infinity. And then on the TV there’s some vague personality and an inconsistent announce that, for example, the history exams will now be accepted only in the form of tests that such and such writers were introduced in the literature curriculum and such and such derived therefrom as unnecessary. Because the “experts” decided so.

Some interactive talk show arranged post said that everything goes in the right direction, despite some shortcomings, which are actively eliminated. And then student and the teacher start their attempt to understand why do we need this strange school subject?..

What a pissed “expert” invented this wild form of control of our knowledge? what a fantastic Martian specialty we have in our diplomas?

What can we answer?

Those who are reforming education, constantly repeating the same words. These words can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Among them, perhaps the most frequency – this “innovation” and “modernization.” “Innovation” is, I suppose, the introduction of something new – “innovative technologies.” The second word yet sacral – “modernization” means that the introduction of such improvements that make this area to-date.

So modernization is, simply put, update of the education. What can be updated in it? Methods, forms, and techniques. For example, a course of the history of literature can be updated by the introduction of information about the course of five contemporary writers – Nobel Prize winners (with the exception of five automatic exclusion of such writers from XVII, XVIII, XIX and XX centuries, because the curriculum is not unlimited). Remove, for example, Beaumarchais, to insert Coetzee. And it turn out very well. As good as it gets.

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