Activating an Emergency Operations Center Essay

An emergency operations center (OEC) refers to a location from which an organization can manage the situation in the event of a disaster. As the City Manager and staff of River City, I would first locate the EOC in an area safe from the ravages of the earthquake in a building strong enough to withstand the threat at hand, and that has backup electricity and power. The building would also be large enough to accommodate those who would assist in the operation.

From a finance/administration and logistics section, I would first ensure that business continues without any interruptions in spite of the danger at hand. I would ensure all communication lines are functioning, and would get competent staff to manage it. I would ensure those who man the EOC have all the logistics they need including food and water.

We will then set up an alternative EOC with enough fuel to last the entire operation (Toft, Reynolds & Saunders, 1994).

I would then mobilize finances for securing logistics for those in distress. We would have to secure food and temporary shelter for the victims. Huder (2012) advises that the alternate EOC must be in a position to support the primary EOC in the event circumstances overwhelm it. It is possible that time and circumstances would not allow the regular elected government to meet. I would ensure there is an alternative seat to help manage the situation. I would ensure the city remains calm and collected because making rash decisions only accentuate the effects of a disaster (Waugh & Tierney, 2007). I would establish a finance and administration center to monitor procurement, and to evaluate insurance costs. Above all, I would ensure that the city record all that happens during the disaster. This would help the city to learn from the experience, and to put mitigation measures to handle similar situations in a better way.

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