Persuasive Essay on Age Discrimination

Persuasive Essay about Age Discrimination:

Age discrimination is the process of the abuse and neglecting of a person on the basis of her age. The main argument of the attacker is the “impropriate” age of the target of the abuse. Age discrimination is quite a widespread phenomenon in the modern society and it touches upon every age group and the discrimination is connected with the sphere and the type of the work and activity. Age discrimination can touch upon the young people, children and elder and mature people. Speaking about the children and young people discrimination, the phenomenon has a cultural aspect. In the majority of the traditions and customs young people are treated like the inexperienced ones and serious and responsible work is not devoted to them. Very often young people are treated like children and no one experts anything serious and worthy from them. As a result the young people have to prove their knowledge and skills in order to win the respect of the grownups.

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Western countries are known to be the centre of the discrimination of the elderly people, because the latter do not play the active role in the economic life of the country. If the people is elderly and has retired from her occupation, she is treated like a burden for the society. That is why many elderly people try to look younger in order to save their workplace and to save their self-respect and respect from the co-workers. Age discrimination is a negative phenomenon which is based on the stereotypes that the human knowledge and professional skills depend on age, but there are many cases which prove that younger people are often wiser and more skilful than the elder ones.

Age discrimination is an urgent problem which requires alternative approach and objective analysis. The student is able to reveal this problem with the help of the methodology of a persuasive essay. One can touch upon the most troublesome points of age discrimination and present his personal subjective opinion on the topic. The student’s attitude towards the age discrimination can be different but his task is to prove his point of view with the help of the trustworthy evidence. Finally, the young person is able to observe the topic from the alternative side and summarize it professionally.

It does not worth mentioning that a persuasive essay is a complicated assignment for everyone, because the young person is supposed to construct a logical text and provide the professor with the sensible content. With the advice of a free example persuasive essay on age discrimination the student is able to compose the paper in the appropriate way. One can learn about the format and the methodology of writing from a free sample persuasive essay on age discrimination found in the Internet.

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