Art Essay on Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol is one of the icons of the American pop art. This personality is believed to be the real artist who worked in numerous fields of art. He was an artist, illustrator, photographer, designer, sculptor, writer, producer, director, publisher and collector. This multitasking personality lived his step in the development of modern art. Moreover, he is supposed to be the creator of the major trends of the entire modern art. His original approach towards work made it possible for him to gain international fame during the lifetime. He worked with the most influential and popular celebrities of the 20th century.

The works of Andy Warhol are based on the symbols and icons of celebrity culture, advertisement and artistic expression. The artist is treated like a controversial person because of his authentic approach towards art and sexuality. Andy Warhol deserves being called one of the most influential representatives of modern art.

I dare say that Andy Warhol became a talented artist due to his mother who spent much time with the boy and made him interested in drawing. She was an artist and entertained her son with drawing. When Andy was ill, she drew his portraits and made pictures of cats that amused the little boy. Very soon he made his attempts to draw too. Since Andy was quite a weak child, he had to spend much time at home. Therefore, he spent much time with his mother drawing various people and objects. In addition, the mother developed other interests of her son. She bought a movie projector and the boy enjoyed watching films and various slides devoted to comics. Andy Warhol became fascinated with cinematography. He read magazines about movies and collected photos of celebrities. The further work in the field of pop art contains these old photos collected in childhood. Finally, the mother signed Andy’s works whereas she had very beautiful handwriting. Thus, we can say that Andy Warhol’s tandem with his mother made him famous. She inspired him to become great.

Andy Warhol was lucky to earn money with the help of his artistic work. When he was a student, he decided to earn his living working as a designer of showcases in the local department store. His employer was impressed and satisfied with his work. He also made Andy acquainted with the world of advertisement. Thus, Andy Warhol repeated the fate of Salvador Dali who decorated showcases too.

In 1950s Warhol moved to New York and worked as an illustrator in various magazines. Being interested in the new forms of art (at that time vinyl records gained their popularity), Andy Warhol began to illustrate album covers and materials aimed at the promotion of singers and music bands. At that time he enjoyed working with ink. He became interested in printmaking and improved this technique intensively. Very soon, he realized that he possessed many examples of his work and it was time to express them to the public. After several exhibitions he gained the fame of the pioneer of pop art because his works were completely different and unconventional. No wonder, he was criticized by the conservative artists who treated his artistic work as something second-rate and poor.

It will be right to say that the rapid growth of Warhol’s popularity began in 1960s when he founded his own art studio called “The Factory”. He launched mass production of his artistic works that conquered the world. Warhol made his famous portraits of the most popular representatives of mass culture. He worked with the most well-known and beloved celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, etc. His “Factory” became a popular place for underground celebrities, musicians, artists, designers. They came to Warhol to entertain, communicate and enjoy his genuine art.

Andy Warhol created his most famous paintings of the most well-known American products: Coca-Cola bottles, dollar banknotes and of course, Campbell’s Soup Cans. Andy Warhol became popular because his masterpieces expressed simple and well-known objects that surrounded people every day. He made it possible for people to appreciate and admire common items. A simple soup-can became a masterpiece because Warhol knew how to present it. In 1970s Warhol was enough reputable to work with such celebrities as Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson and John Lennon. Every celebrity wanted to possess a portrait performed by Andy Warhol. In 1989s, Warhol had another success when his painting was chosen for the advertisement of Absolut Vodka. Thus, this personality obtained international fame due to the depiction of the icons of his time.

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