Leadership Essay on Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the most influential personalities of the twentieth century. I guess there is hardly a person who can question this statement. What is more, Steve Jobs is related to different fields of human life. Firstly, he is a smart inventor in the field of IT. Secondly, he is one of the most successful businessmen. Thirdly, he is the creator of the current pop-culture and lifestyle.

Thus, it is possible to observe the life of this personality from different sides. This essay is devoted to the analysis of Steve Jobs as a leader.

It is impossible to imagine the current popularity of Apple Inc. without Steve Jobs. Nearly everyone possesses iPhone or iPad, which are the most popular products of Apple Inc. These products have become the unquestionable leaders on the market of smartphones and tablets. Why? The name of Steve Jobs is the main reason. This person is known to be the cofounder of Apple Inc. and inventor of numerous devises associated with this corporation. Many experts say that Apple Inc. would have remained one of numerous minor companies of Silicon Valley without Jobs. Now, this corporation is the most expensive one in Silicon Valley. I can claim that Apple Inc. owes its success to Steve Jobs. He used numerous leadership styles in order to manage such a huge and prosperous company. Let us focus on the analysis of his approach towards leadership.

To begin with, Steve Jobs is the leader who knows about his business everything. There are many entrepreneurs who just own a company but they do not know about their products anything. Jobs is the inventor; therefore, he knows the structure of every device. He designs and projects every product profoundly. He knows about his target customers and feels what they expect from his devices. In simple words, he is the major figure in his company and he needs assistants who will help him embody his ideas. Then, Jobs was involved in other fields of business related to music, cinematography, retailing, etc. He worked in different sectors and knew their rules and structure. This valuable experienced helped him build his own corporation. One can say that Steve Jobs is a teacher or creator. His alternative mind teaches consumers how to use computers, listen to music and watch videos. He showed how to use a smartphone as the best helper. An iPhone is not a simple smartphone but our ‘friend’ that can help us in different situations connected with work, health, entertainment, tourism, education, etc. Technologies and the right marketing policy has made Apple Inc. the absolute leader on the market of smartphones, tablets and computers. Due to the right ‘visionary’ approach of Steve Jobs, people use Apple devices as their most valuable accessories.

It will be right to emphasize that Steve Jobs applied authoritarian style of leadership. In my opinion, it is right whereas it is impossible to manage a huge international corporation democratically. When there is a team of different people who have different points of view about a specific product, they will never find a consensus. Everyone will try to promote his idea. Steve Jobs was very strict and he decided what and how to do in his company. His word was the weightiest. If he did not like a solution, he would not apply it. If one did not obey or follow his mind, he was fired. Without doubt, you will never build a prosperous corporation if you are a complaint leader. Another reason of his authoritarian leadership style is the quality of service. Steve Jobs wanted to provide his customers with premium quality services and he did it.

The last feature of his leadership is risk. Steve Jobs was not afraid of taking risks. When he designed a new product, he did not know whether it can be accepted by the audience. He did not know whether his first iPhone would be popular among customers. On the one hand, people enjoy new technologies. On the other hand, it is hard to teach them to use something new. To my mind, this feature of Jobs is paramount in business. When you want to reach your goal, you should be risky. If you do not take risks, you will gain nothing.

Steve Jobs is the authoritarian leader who managed to make his corporation one of the most valuable and influential in the world. His experience can be very useful to the new generations of entrepreneurs.

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