Essay on Economic Status and Annual Income

Economic Status and Annual Income on Intimate Partner Violence within the US

Methodology and Procedure
An overview of the problem
Intimate partner violence abbreviated as APV, is a crucial public health menace in the US (Bhattacharya, 2006). For example, previous studies indicate that 35 percent of women in the US encountered different forms of violence regardless of their race. It is arguable that various factors cause women’s subjection to these forms of violence. For instance, in a study conducted on the same in the US established that most men subjected their partners to violence because of consuming alcohol (Kanjilal & Khule, 2007). However, few studies focused on the association between annual income and economic status on intimate partner violence in the US. As such, the study purposes to ascertain the association between annual income and economic status on intimate partner violence in the US.

Research Questions

  1. How do establishing preventative programs for IPV contribute to the education and awareness for both the community and its victim?
  2. How does the expenditure like medical bills and insurance premiums of IPV victims contribute to the demise and decrease of financial means?
  3. What actions can be considered as intimate partner violence and in what ways are these actions harmful to the dynamic within a relationship?

Research Design
The researcher will employ a qualitative research approach. The researcher will employ this approach in order to gain an in depth understanding of the topic of study through first hand information from the participants. As such, the investigator will use ethnographic studies in carrying out the study (Kanjilal & Khule, 2007). In doing this, the researcher will assume the insiders approach of study conduction. Therefore, using this approach, the investigator will be spending together with the study participants as part of them, while engaging in their daily activities. However, while doing so, the investigator will be collecting data relevant in providing answers to the research essay questions through indirect interviews (Kanjilal & Khule, 2007). The investigator opted using ethnographic approach in order to gather holistic participants’ insights. Further, the investigator opted using ethnographic studies in order to ensure none of the environmental factors will affect the study.

Sampling Procedure
The investigator will utilize multistage sampling in selecting the study sample (Miles & Saldana, 2014). At first, the investigator will utilize purposive sampling in selecting the women’s population based in the United Sates. From there, the investigator will utilize simple random sampling in selecting the village for conducting the study. The investigator will use simple random sampling in order to give all the women an equal chance of participating in the project. As such, the investigator will base the study on a sample of 35 women (Miles & Saldana, 2014).

Data Analysis
Analyzing data is essential in coming up with pertinent conclusions of any project (Miles & Saldana, 2014). In this case, the investigator will use different techniques of analyzing data including the inductive approach, especially content analysis (Milton, 2009). Therefore, using this approach, the investigator will categorize the behavioural and verbal data in order to summarize, classify, and tabulate it (Milton, 2009). In addition, the investigator will analyze the content in two levels that are descriptive and interpretive. Apart from content analysis, the researcher will utilize SPSS where necessary in facilitating proper analysis of the data.

Data Presentation
Data presentation is a fundamental step in any study, as it helps a person to tell the findings of the study. As such, the investigator will use various methods of presenting the data including graphs, frequency tables, charts, and theoretical writings (Milton, 2009. In this case, content writing will present data that cannot be presented in any other forms except writing.

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