Essay on Why We Should Do Homework

Is there anyone who in his childhood has not dreamed at least once of the abolition of the homework? And there in Europe they talk about it seriously – British and French younger student parents no longer want to see their children over textbooks all over the evening.

Opponents of homework cite a variety of arguments. First, if there is no homework, the children will have more free time to communicate with their parents and for other useful activity.

However, there is another point of view on why we should do homework. Its proponents believe that it is a necessary addition to a good lesson, because it is only the combination of the school and extracurricular student work that allows to achieve educational and pedagogical goals. Kant once said that the school can only “teach a child all the rules that were founded by others, when the ability to properly use them can be developed only at home during independent work.” How can that be? How, given the interests and wishes of students, make the right choice, so that children were healthy physically and mentally?

Where is the line, and that balance that you should consider the homework as something necessary?

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The main argument in favor of homework is that without self-repeating student badly assimilates the material covered.

A child, especially in elementary school, forget 70% of what he learned in the classroom – explain the experts. – So without homework each next lesson will have to start almost from scratch. Suppose, a teacher allocated for a topic 15 hours, but without homework on the same topic he will have to spend 30-40 hours. And then canceling the homework does not mean that those parents who had spent the evening with a beer at the TV, will actually communicate with their children.

Theoretically, the school time should be enough to learn the subject, but in practice it is more complicated. Some topics are allocated very little time to and without additional exercises are difficult to digest. Another thing is that homework can be specified not in all subjects, but only the main – mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, etc., or to limit the volume, for example, not to give it for weekends. In addition, there is a basic set of tasks, and advanced students can take home more complex exercises. While lagging students can be given individual tasks that will help them to catch up.

As it was already said, homework is necessary to practice skills independently. The school is often front work with the class teacher, and only a little time is devoted to work independently, when any exam will require the student ability to work independently.

Therefore, homework is indispensable for working out the appropriate skills.

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