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Social Darwinism Research Paper

Social Darwinism is a collective term for several different ideologies that are based on the idea that competition between individuals, groups, nations, or ideas is governing the social development of human societies and attempts to prevent this competition through political intervention to protect the weak in society leads to the prevention of the development of superior forms of society.

University students seeking to prepare a good research paper on Social Darwinism need to know that the term gets its name from the use of Darwinian explanations of social conditions, even though the theories do not have their direct origin in Darwin, where they can be said to be based on similar principles of Darwinian natural selection. The natural selection by Darwin explains speciation in populations as the outcome of the competition between individual organisms for limited resources, while the concept of survival of the fittest, coined by anthropologist Herbert Spencer, however, meant a similar sample that does not have its basis in genetics.

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The basic principle is that individual and societal development is done by exclusion of weak individuals; only the fittest survive and give their genes on to future generations.

Therefore, the social policy is opposing the poor and excluded. Poverty, according to social Darwinism has a role to play; it clears the society from weak individuals and prevents them bringing their bad genes. Differences in the community have additionally a natural and necessary consequence for the development of society. Restrictions on economic freedom are harmful because they prevent society from developing. These thoughts were close to the general political trends at the end of the 1800s in Europe.

In its original meaning, however, Social Darwinism was considered an evolutionary development of society through open competition that had the genetics to do with both tanks: political system and way of life through a free competition automatically evolve in the direction of superior and better communities.

Spencer argued that class differences were an inevitable result of natural selection.

Lamarck’s theory of evolution argued that evolution meant a constant progression towards the more “advanced” forms. These opinions were combined in Social Darwinism with Haeckel’s biogenetic law and Recapitulation theory, which among other things contains the idea that organisms can be arranged in a ladder from simple to advanced stages (Scala Naturae) and that evolution works by new stages added to old stages. Together they formed a theory that said that there was a natural order of humans by black and women at the bottom, with white middle-class over them up to white elite as the most advanced form of human life. All of the above ideas that formed the basis of Social Darwinism is now rejected by biology.

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