Holocaust Literature Essay

What do you know about the Holocaust? Why should everyone always remember about this tragedy? The Holocaust is a genocide of Jews during the rule of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. It is impossible to name the definite number of Jews who were murdered by the Third Reich and its collaborators.

Some experts say that the number of victims is about six million people. I must admit that there was a million of children among them. Jews were chased in the entire Europe; therefore, many of them had to escape to the USA and other countries, which are situation far from these tragic events. The problem of the Holocaust is very popular in literature.

There are many people who managed to survive at concentration camps and they described their life and fears in dairies, short stories, novels and poems. Moreover, many authors touch upon this problem in order to demonstrate their sympathy towards Jews and reveal the crimes of World War 2.

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There are different kinds of books devoted to the problem of the Holocaust. Some authors tried to describe the fearful reality of the everyday life of prisoners in concentration camps in general.

They described the lifestyle of these prisoners, tortures, experiments, executions and other details. It is important to them to inform the reader about the precise picture of the events, which took place in a concentration camp. In my opinion, these texts are very useful, because they help understand that there are no limits of human violence and aggression. When you read a text of this kind, you cannot imagine that such disgusting and brutal actions were committed by the intelligent and well-bred people, who gave birth to such outstanding personalities as Goethe, Beethoven, Bach, etc. Finally, every text is a priceless document and register of the crimes committed by Hitler and NSDAP.

The most famous book, which describes the sad realities of the Holocaust is Night by Elie Wiesel.

The author wrote about his personal experience of being a prisoner in Auschwitz and Buchenwald with his father. He described the fears of life in a concentration camp and pointed out at the death of all moral values there. He lost his faith and respect towards humanity. Elie Wiesel emphasized the problem of loneliness in a concentration camp. Every prisoner wanted to survive and he had to behave in the proper way. Very often, people had to tell lies about their relatives, neighbors and friends in order to save their life. Night demonstrates the end of everything in the world. When you live in a concentration camp, you do not need religion, philosophy, literature, history, etc. You just need to live.

The next book related with the Holocaust is The Dairy of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. It will not be a mistake to say that Anne Frank has become a legendary personality. She is a symbol of the Holocaust. Anne Frank was a Dutch girl who was hiding from the Nazis during World War 2. The girl spent more than two years in the secret annex in Amsterdam. Before she hid in the annex, she had received an empty diary, which became her close friend. Anne wrote various short stories and her personal reflections about her life in the annex. She wanted to organize her diary in the proper way in order to make it look like a literary work. Unfortunately, the girl was captured by the Nazis and she died in a concentration camp. Her dairy remained unfinished. Very soon, this work was discovered and translated into dozens of languages.

The Holocaust is a very popular and important problem in literature. Dozens of authors have written their personal reflections about this tragic moment of the 20th century or described their own experience and real-life situations, which occurred at that time. We ought to read these books to remember about such threats as genocide, violence and realities of war. We must not forget about the innocent victims of military conflicts.

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