Essay: Should Nuclear Weapons Be Outlawed Worldwide?

Can nuclear weapon destroy the entire humanity? Is nuclear weapon important for the international peace? Should nuclear weapon be banned? Do you remember about the consequences of bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? These questions are very relevant, because many people think that nuclear weapon is the most important problem of the modern world. They think that this weapon of mass destruction can ruin the planet and kill the life on Earth. On the one hand, they are right, because the quantity of the nuclear weapons available in the world can destroy our planet several times. On the other hand, nuclear weapon helps people maintain peace. I will focus on this issue in detail and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear weapons.

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Nuclear weapon is the invention of World War 2. The real consequences of the explosion of a nuclear bomb were observed in Japan in 1945. At that time, thousands of people became the victims of the terrible bombing. When we think about the minuses of nuclear weapons, we will say about its danger, price and polluting effect.

To begin with, the weapon of mass destruction is aimed at the destruction of people, buildings and infrastructure on the chosen territory. When a nuclear bomb falls on the definite area, it will destroy everything there. All people, animals and plants will be killed. Moreover, the entire settlements and big cities will be ruined. In addition, the life will be impossible on this area for a few years, because of radiation and pollution. People will be dying from cancer and other related diseases. Therefore, a bomb causes harm even after its explosion. Many countries in the world possess nuclear weapon. The USA, Russia and China have such a solid nuclear arsenal, that they can destroy the entire planet several times. Of course, the understanding of this possibility scares people. When a single state decides to use its nuclear weapon, other states will have to behave in the same way to defend themselves. The result of this conflict is known by everyone. It will be the complete destruction of Earth.

Then, nuclear weapon is very expensive. Every state has to devote much money to keep its weapon in the proper working order. Obviously, this money could have been spent on other peaceful purposes, like education, medicine, the development of economy, etc.

On the other hand, nuclear weapon is very important to us. Although it is extremely dangerous, it maintains peace on the planet. When a state possesses nuclear weapon, no one will disturb it. Everyone will be afraid of the threat of the nuclear explosions on his territory. Consequently, nuclear weapon provides people with the confidence in their future.

Next, it is impossible to outlaw this kind of weapon all over the world. There are a few countries, like North Korea, Russia, Iran or China, which will never get rid of their nuclear weapon. Every dictator dreams about nuclear weapon to be able to threaten to other countries and impose his point of view on them. Therefore, if ‘good’ countries ban and utilize their nuclear weapon, they will become vulnerable. They will become targets of terroristic attacks and threats from the side of the ‘evil’ states.

Finally, when a country possesses the weapon of mass destruction, it can reduce the number of its soldiers. The state does not have to waste enormous sums of money on its army, because the severest weapon is at its disposal. It does not have to send its people to die in the melee attacks when it can throw a nuclear bomb on the enemy’s territory.

Frankly speaking, the ban of nuclear weapon is a very controversial and thought-provoking topic. On the one hand, it can destroy the entire planet. On the other hand, it can help people prevent wars and solve their issues in the peaceful way.

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