Essay: How to Change a Company’s Culture

Every entrepreneur wants to improve the quality of his business in order to receive the highest profit.

Of course, it is impossible to build a successful and effective company without the improvement of its culture. Every employee should work in the healthy environment. He should know about his rights and duties. Finally, he should be able to adapt to the changes of the business environment. He should be flexible, creative and multitasking. A good employee is able to conform to the new rules and standards and fulfill his duties in the different way. Unfortunately, an average employee is a common human being.

Naturally, people are against of any changes. When you have got used to doing something, you will not be willing to alter your style of work. You have got used to the definite norms and techniques and you refuse to master the new ones.

If you want to change a company’s culture, you ought to identify the existing problems, which spoil the corporate environment. You can apply two methods, which will help you detect these problems. To begin with, you can install an anonymous suggestion box.

Employees will write their anonymous letters and messages devoted to the existing corporate problems. This method is very effective and safe. When you ask your employees about the problems directly, they will say that they are satisfied with their conditions. The second method is to ask your employees about the ways of the improvement of the corporate structure personally. You can organize meetings and round tables devoted to this issue. If you want to convince your employees in the necessity of changes, you should persuade the most influential members of your team. These informal leaders will help you influence the entire organization. This decision is reasonable, because many employees will protest against your new rules. Therefore, it is wise to receive the reliable support of the reputable people.

The most important element of a successful company is the employee’s independence. It is wrong to manage and dictate every step and action to your employee. In this case, his productiveness reduces. Everyone requires space for creativity and freedom of actions.

You ought to encourage your team to fulfill their duties in the way they want. According to the latest surveys, the productiveness of a company increases when its staff gains independence and freedom of choice. When one knows that he can do his job in a different way, it is right to let him work in the way he wants. Moreover, he will respect you, because you trust and believe in his professionalism. As you see, you ought to begin with the re-structuring of human resource management. You should build friendly relations between employees and managers.

It is important to motivate your employees and demonstrate their importance for the development of your company. Moreover, you can encourage them with various benefits.

If an employee generates a smart solution of the definite problem, he can receive promotion or extra salary. Consequently, every employee will try to improve his work and the productiveness of the whole company, because he is rewarded with money or promotion.

One cannot overestimate the role of managers. It is reasonable to provide every small group of employees with a manager who will help them cope with their duties. He will answer their questions and help them solve their problems. In addition, this person should be close to your staff. He will be praised and respected if he works in the same way as others do. A good manager is the informal leader of a small team of employees. He works for their interests and profit.

In conclusion, it is hard to change a company’s culture, because people are conservative and they are not ready for any radical changes. Therefore, one should take many efforts to introduce his brand new decisions and standards of work.

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