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What is the meaning of the word ‘laziness‘? Have you ever thought about the cause and effect of laziness? How can one defeat laziness once for all? These questions are rather thought-provoking and relevant, because everyone has experienced the feeling of laziness.

Moreover, laziness is a controversial issue. Some people say that laziness is a negative and destructive feeling, while others say that laziness helps one focus on the more important issues. I will try to observe this problem from different sides in order to find the advantages and disadvantages of this act.

Laziness is associated with the negative disobedient behavior when one refuses to fulfil his duties. A lazy person prefers leisure to work. Of course, from the point of view of general social standards, laziness is a negative act.

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The development of the human society depends on hard work and constant activity of its members. People should work hard and fulfill their duties in order to build their civilization. When a member of the society is lazy, he does not fulfill his part of the social work. Consequently, one works less but gains the same part of the common profit. It does not worth mentioning that centuries ago people struggled against lazy individuals because they ruined the standards of social life. Moreover, the quality of life was very low and every member of a group had to make his contribution into the development of his group.

Everyone was supposed to work hard. Very often, lazy people were punished severely. Exile was the most common solution of this problem. A lazy person was not useful for the society; therefore, he was exiled from his group.

Laziness is a negative act in the process of education. A lazy student is often the worst student. When a child prefers leisure to reading and writing, his knowledge will be poor and his marks will be low. Parents always worry about the progress of their children, because they know that only hard work can help one reach his goal. It is impossible to learn a new language or understand mathematics or physics without hard work. If you want to succeed in any discipline, you ought to devote much time to self-development and improvement of your background knowledge. In my opinion, students ought to struggle against laziness, because it ruins their potential. One can reveal his talents only when he works hard.

In my opinion, we cannot tolerate laziness at the workplace. When there is a lazy employee, the quality of his work reduces. He does not fulfil his duties on time and it annoys clients and his coworkers. Furthermore, lazy employees reduce the productiveness of the entire company. The firm does not cope with its orders on time and loses the credit of its clients.

On the other hand, laziness is the engine of progress. It does not worth mentioning that the majority of inventions and technologies appeared due to the act of laziness. You can just think about the invention of a remote. This invention is the brightest example of laziness. Obviously, one day, the inventor of the remote understood that he did not want to stand up and change the TV channels in the usual way. He wanted to change the TV channels lying on his sofa. Then, the invention of escalators, cell phones and automobiles is also connected with laziness. People wanted to save their time and spend their efforts reasonably. Therefore, their laziness found its reflection in numerous inventions, which helped people save their time and efforts.

Laziness is a negative act of human behavior, which affects various aspects of our life. To begin with, it affects our social life badly. Secondly, it affects the quality of education and reduces the productiveness of our work. Of course, in some cases, laziness can help one feel better, but this phenomenon has more negative than positive sides.

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