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In Indian religion karma is described like a system which controls the world. Mostly it connected with human actions. Indians believe that if one does something bad to the other, he will receive the same bad attitude in future from somebody else. That why people in India always tried to live peaceful life in order to avoid karma. Western civilization and Christianity has borrowed the concept of karma and interpreted it in their own way. For example, they say ‘Treat in such a way, that you would like to be treated’. It is a clear variant of Indian karma in Western culture.

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People all over the world believe in karma to some extent. Everybody knows, if you do something bad to someone, it will return to you twice. Of course, it sounds like a foolish prejudice, but very often people experience the result or ‘fruits’ of karma having done something bad. Frankly speaking, karma is a good way to control people and make them obey. It is a good method to create peace in the world, if everybody believes in karma and does his best to live a peaceful life.

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