Machine Shop Safety Essay


Machine shop consists of numerous machine tools that provide the student with the opportunity to work with wood, metal or other materials. The tools used in the shop can be different, but there is a set of the most common ones: band saw, milling machine, belt sander, lathe, drill press etc. The shop should also contain measurement instruments that allow to plan the part lay-out.

Hazards and safety

Hazards and safety measures in the machine shop require serious attention. Fist of all, the issue of clothing is very important. To prevent pulling into the machine, a worker should wear a cloth that protects the body from possible damage by a chip from the machine that is working. For the same reason everybody should wear protecting glasses while staying in the machine shop. The cloth should not be too loose. Ties, scarves, loose sleeves, etc. are prohibited (Me at Mit). For the same reason people with the long hair should tie it up.

Second, a worker should wear appropriate shoes. This means that unless it is required by working conditions the worker should wear the shoes that allow him to protect the foot. No sandals or other opened-toe shoes are allowed as well as no barefoot working is allowed. In case of the necessity to work with heavy objects special shoes with still toes should be worn.

Another potential hazard is slipping that might be caused by oil spilled by the other worker. In this case the worker that caused the spill should remove the oil immediately. For the same hazard of slipping collision and tripping no horseplay, practical jokes and running is allowed in the machine shop. Among other things the worker should not wear any jewelry or gloves. The machine shop should also always be kept clean and maintained since in this case maintenance and safety go hand in hand. Naturally, the methane shop should be equipped with the first aid kit as well as fire extinguisher that are readily available.

It is worth mentioning, that a lot depends on the conduct of the workers in the machine shop. Some rules of behavior were already mentioned above, however, on should also keep in mind that it is the lack of knowledge that often leads to injuries. It is always better to ask something then to experiment with it. The master of the machine shop can provide the worker with all necessary information that would help to avoid injuries.


The safety in the machine shop highly depends on the maintenance of the machines. However, besides that basis one should also consider a set of simple rules that will allow to avoid injuries. Besides the safety of the worker often depends on his common sense and knowledge.