Narrative Argument Essay

Nature and American identity
Nature can be considered as a human aspect, and similarly, the American identity also constitutes part of human nature. Personally, I tend to appreciate the natural environment and also want to conform to the norms of the society. The same way that people want to embrace nature is the same way that they will want to be part of civilization. Rather, the society perceives certain aspects as admirable of which many people strive to achieve so that they can be respected within their communities. I have come to relate these aspirations to wealth, career progress, and helping the needy or generally contributing to development in the society. As such, these aspects are entirely related to American identity. Contrarily, whereas people strive to achieve the aforementioned desires, they do so at the expense of connecting with nature. Nature in such a case can be termed as priceless where one only needs to be true to oneself and give up all other individualistic interests in an attempt to conform to nature. Alternatively, I perceive nature to be a need while American identity can be regarded as a want. Thus, in order to achieve needs, I have to give up other materialistic wants.

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What it means to be a Rebel
Being a rebel implies that a person has no fear and in this sense, has nothing to lose regardless of the fate that they are subjected to. Even so, rebels feel entitled to an endless freedom. Their actions are irrational since they are not considerate of the consequences that occur in the aftermath of their actions or decisions. It can similarly be noted that being a rebel implies being fearless. Perhaps this is the reason that defines the adventurous traits that I possess. For instance, I tend to engage in highly intense activities such as skydiving and hiking without the fear of accidents or suffering from serious injuries. Then again, as a rebel, I have once abandoned all the things that I am affiliated to including family, friends, jobs, and beliefs for the sole purpose of proving my worth and undertaking challenges.

Relationship between Self and Society
Self and society massively contrast primarily because the former tends to ignore the presence of the latter. People are ideally selfish in such a way that they only strive to better themselves even at the expense of others. Personally, I have also embarked on the quest to enrich and provide for myself while unknowingly ignoring other vital aspects in life that could inevitably provide more benefits to my well-being. In this light, the self always strives to cater for the needs and wants of a person endlessly in a bid to fulfill their satisfaction. On the contrary, the society offers much more, but given its nature, it offers limited input since its boundaries are limited towards man. Hence, even though the self has been given power over the society, the society has no control over man regardless of what it has to offer.

Success also enumerates or adds up on the pride that people have as they strive to achieve what they want. Pride is directly associated with success, and these two factors emanate from being able to utilize abilities to achieve what you want. Abilities enable a person to do almost everything on their own to achieve what they desire in life and in this way, be successful in life. Nonetheless, the journey to success seems to be solely dependent on a person’s abilities. However, it is worthy to note that other factors such as seeking advice and looking for help from other people can also be vital towards achieving success. Thus, although pride is crucial in associating abilities to success, it can also be harmful since it makes people to be neglectful of other vital aspects of attaining success.

Constructing Identity
To construct identity through actions, willingness has to be factored in when embarking on life changing journeys. People ought to convince themselves that they are willingly making decisions or undertaking actions at their own will. This type of motivation should also coincide with the beliefs and values that a person holds. Thus, sacrifices have to be made in creating identity provided that they are necessary in achieving one’s true desires.

Community, Natural World and Happiness
Community widens the scope of success and hence, can enable a person achieve success effectively. To achieve happiness, one needs to be successful in life, and to achieve the success, it is essential to involve the community members including friends and family. Failure to do so will result in resentment and hopelessness, all of which contradict the concept of happiness. The connection to nature or environment is similarly crucial to happiness. This idea also implies involving other external aspects towards the quest to be successful and ultimately being happy. In this world, I have come to realize that without involving environmental facets, it is difficult to appreciate life and what it has to offer.

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