Persuasive Essay on Animal Rights

Persuasive Essay about Animal Rights:

Animal rights are the needs and interests of animals which are protected by the law and the creation of the positive attitude towards animals in the human mind and treating them like friends. The issue on animal rights is quite important nowadays, because the attitude towards animals has always been negative in the human society. People have always hunted and killed animals for food and for pleasure thinking that they are simple biological creatures which do not feel anything and do not feel pain. Such an attitude has caused numerous problems to the natural environment and the most well-known problem is the extinction of biological species. In all corners of the world people destroyed chaotically numerous animals and millions of species disappeared because of the uncontrolled and intensive hunting. The negative issue is that people destroyed animals not only for food but for entertainment.

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Today the practice of hunting still exists and many “valuable” animals are killed for their expensive parts of their body (for example, horns, bones, etc). Then, except of hunting, people exploit animals in different ways. The first way is the exploitation in a circus. Animals are hurt, stressed, poorly fed and treated violently. Of course this lifestyle is harmful for animals and numerous international organizations struggle with the owners of circuses to stop their activity. Moreover, millions of animals die every year during the operations on animal testing. People torture and kill animals massively testing remedies, weapon, chemicals making the animal’s life unbearable. Unfortunately, in spite of the formal existing of animal rights, the practical attitude towards them has not changed and they continue dying massively making the planet’s fauna poorer.

Animal rights can be called am important problem for the research, because very few people realize the seriousness of the issue and the danger it carries with it. The student is asked to prepare a sensible and worthy persuasive essay with the purpose to provoke thoughts and feeling towards the topic of animal rights. The reader should change his worldview and attitude towards animals after reading the essay, so the student is obliged to carry out the text in the convincing tone and provide his idea with the reliable arguments.

When the student has to prepare a logical and well-organized persuasive essay, he often starts to panic, because such an assignment is quite complicated and nerve-consuming.

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