Puerto Rico Essay

Our planet is capable to attract giant asteroids and meteorites at least tenfold more than its sputnik. Therefore, another asteroid fell on the Earth approximately in 4000 or 3000 B.C. Two craters of ellipsoid form testify to this event, they are oriented along the lines from north-west to south-east. The area of these craters is approximately 200 000 km² and they are located at a large depth to the east of Florida peninsula and to the north from Puerto Rico, which is included in the Caribbean archipelago. An asteroid burst in an atmosphere as a result of overheat, throwing its fragments within a radius of more than 1000 km. Two large parts of asteroid fell into the sea, forming Puerto-Rican cavity of 9 and 7 km, and its more shallow fragments “wounded” severely the south-eastern part of the USA.

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The geological structure of island consists of volcanic and abyssal rocks, formed in a period between Cretaceous period and Eocene epoch of Paleocene period, they are covered with more layer of Oligocene epoch, and yet later with carbonates and mountain layers. The age of the oldest mountain rocks is valued approximately at 190 million years (Jurassic period) and they are located in municipality Sierra Bermeja in the south-western part of an island. These layers are the parts of the ocean crust, and the obviously came from the Pacific Ocean.

Puerto Rico is situated on the border of the Caribbean and North-American flags and today it is deformed tectonically under the action of these flags. Such transformation can cause earthquakes and tsunamis which are a most geological danger on an island and northeast of the Caribbean Sea in together with landslides. A chamfer of Puerto Rico, which is situated in 120 km to the north of island, is the greatest and the deepest ocean cavity in the Atlantic Ocean. It is located on the border of the Caribbean and north-American flags. Its length is 1,754 km, width is 97 km.

The history of Puerto Rico before the period, when Christopher Columbus came to this land in 1493, is not yet well studied. Everything that is known now came to us from archaeological excavations and verbal stories of the first Spanish travelers.

The first settlers of Puerto Rico were Ortoiroids, the representatives of ancient culture. Archeological excavations, made in 1990, found the remains of primitive man, whose age was dated approximately 2.000 B.C.(4000 years). The remains were named “a man of Puerto Ferro”. In an interval between 120 and by 400 years the representatives of the Indian tribe Igneri arrived from the district of the river of Orinoco in South America to the lands of Puerto-Rico. Between VII and by XI ages the representatives of the Indian tribe founded the culture of Taino here and began to populate the island up to the time when Columbus.

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