Free Essay on Sports Keep Us Fit

Physical culture and sport are inalienable basis of health. If you look closer, you will easily see that two these determinations form us as a homo sapiens, as a personality. Therefore, the engaging in physical activity and sport has a large importance in human society. All we know the already well-trodden phrase “Motion is life,” but as banally it should sound it deserves our special attention.

Let us look at it other way. Let us take a water pool for example, where there is no flow, there is no human activity, no springs, where water is troubled by no means. Such reservoir is doomed in course of time to become a bog.

Let us now consider a premise that never gets some fresh air, in that air in general does not move in any way, not swirled, does not show through. After some time spent in such apartment, you will want to go out to breathe some fresh air, and from an apartment you will certainly have some unpleasant impression left. And I think it is not needed to explain why.

I can bring over a great number of such examples because in fact it is actually so. As the saying goes motion is life. There are always some visible processes going on, and there are yet not visible ones, such as motion of energy and great number of every neons, protons and other particles of moving in one direction.

In our world, there is life and existence while there are these different sort of motion and streams. It is exactly so for us, for the creatures provided with high reason, motion plays a large and important role for our bodies. Correctly chosen, with the moderate muscle loading and activity, physical gymnastics and exercises have a beneficially influence on our organism on the whole. We are supported the same in tone, strengthen immunity promoting our resistibility and stability under influence of harmful factors. In other words, sports keep us fit.

I will dare underline such a fact that correct and regular physical activity assists good mental abilities in any age. The regular engaging in physical activity and sport keep our body and brain fit. Increasing his resistibility to infections and aging processes in cells at the same time.

So, my dear friends, do not be lazy and spare at least half an hour a day for physical exercises, not depending upon whether you active the rest of the day or not. It will keep your health, body and spirit high. Because this is very important to be fit for new challenges in life.

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