Environmental Chemistry Research Proposal

Environmental chemistry is the branch of chemistry which studies chemical transformations and reactions which occur in the natural environment. Environmental chemistry includes a great number of narrower branches of chemistry, for example, geochemistry, chemistry of soils, hydrochemistry, chemistry of atmosphere, chemistry of organic substances, etc. Environmental chemistry studies all the chemical processes in the spheres of Earth, including atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere; studies the principles of migration and transformation of all the substances and elements of organic and anthropogenic origin and their activity within the spheres. Environmental chemistry has got its development several decades ago, because the anthropogenic influence on the environment has become so serious, that the chemical structure of water, soil and air has changed lately into the negative side.

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That is why, there has appeared another related branch of environmental chemistry called ecological chemistry, which studies the negative impact of chemical elements produced by the human activity on the natural environment. Environmental chemistry studies more global issues related with the migration and transformation of chemical elements about different spheres of Earth. Moreover, the experts in this field work hard to invent effective solution to the existing problem on chemical pollution of various spheres of the planet.

The science applies a great number of methods for the research of pollutants and understanding of the impact of harmful elements on the human and animal life. The science is extremely important for the protection of the environment because it demonstrates the optimal norms of the dangerous chemicals in the natural environment.

Environmental chemistry is the important branch of chemistry which is supposed to solve a great number of problems related with pollution, so the student is able to prepare a well-structured research project which would prove to the professor that the young professional is well-trained and knows about the organization of the process of research a lot. The student has to generate a few smart ideas about environmental chemistry demonstrating the importance and relevance of the topic, its problematic points and sides, etc.

Furthermore, one is supposed to create the list of the methods and literary sources which are used for the research in order to illustrate the full picture of the research of the matter.

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