Business Education Research Proposal

Business education is the process of obtaining knowledge and professional skills for the successful business activity and cooperation within the group of employees, human recourse management and logical organization of the activity of the firm. In the modern world it is fairly impossible to be a successful businessman without the possession of the deep knowledge on economics, management, logistics, market sectors and their structure, etc., so it is important for the novice businessman to spend at least several years on gaining knowledge about the basic business processes. Business education embraces a great number of sub branches and related studies. First of all it provides knowledge about the organization of the private firm, the manner of its functioning, the process of production, the issues of supply and demand, taxation, quality management, competition on the market and so on. After that one learns about the macroeconomic issues which demonstrate the role and the place of private business on the international market.

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Finally, business education touches upon a very delicate matter on the human psychology teaching the businessman to cooperate his other people, communicate with partners, employees of all levels, managers, etc. Human psychology is a very complicated and important issue and every businessman has to be aware about its peculiarities. Business is not only production and distribution of capital but it is also a complicated and wide system of the human relations. Every firm suffers from conflicts between employees and employers and the boss has to know about the methods of conflict resolution and organization of the process of production in the most convenient and healthy way.

Business education is the complex system of knowledge on the successful functioning of business in its slightest details and the student is able to dwell on the issue and create a well-structured informative proposal for the research paper. First of all one should think about the interesting questions and points which have not been revealed before.

Originality and creativity in the matter of business education will be quite useful for the successful writing of a proposal about business education. The student can prepare the list of the points and methods for the research and share his expectations and aim of the investigation with the professor in the written form.

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