Essay on Technology Advancement

it seems that every living person understand the significance of technology advancement. Now we see the technological progress as interconnected development of science and technology, which has a constant impact on scientific progress and inventions in technology.

If we look around, we will see that all the things that surround have their part of advanced technology.

Modern people cannot imagine their life without all these, usually, useful inventions. We so much got used to it that most of the time do not even notice them in our everyday life. However, it is not possible to overestimate their importance in our life. We can start with such a simple, it would seem, thing as electricity. Where would we be now without it? How can we consider of no importance the invention of vaccination, due to which millions of lives have been saved? Is it possible to imagine our life without the television, telephone, computer, and Internet? Could we live without trains, cars, or planes?

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On the one hand, there is a criticism that all these man-made helps, which allows us send and receive our post much faster and in more convenient way than their ancestors did and helps us much easier find any information on the Web than to find it on the books, turn human being into a “lazy creature,” who could not, when necessary, earn his daily bread with no “frills.”

Yes, of course, there always are some side effects and what can cure us can kill us as well and even faster. All the possibility implies responsibility. We have to learn to deal with this fact and value what humanity achieved and what made our life easier and our existence more conscious and effective. All in all, this is what distinguishes us from animals: the possibility to learn and invent, to make things rather with our minds than with our hands.

But then again, what could we consider as an alternative? To refuse from all that was obtained with such hard efforts and sometime with loosing lives? And for what? To have the opportunity to go back to the Middle Ages? No, it is not what we need! We have to be grateful to the lucid minds of all times due to whom the technology have its advancement.

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