Free Essay on Touch Screen Technology

Touch screen technology is a kind of input innovation that allows people to manipulate a computer system by simply touching the terminal display screen. Touch screen technology is adapted for a wide variety of e-business and personal application, such as public information display, customer self-service, control and automation systems, computer based training, and personal entertainment. Touch screen technology can be used with most servers and all personal computers as easily as other peripheral equipment such as MS mouse or digital trackball.

A most simple touch screen has 3 main parts: 1) a touch sensor, 2) a controller, and 3) a software driver (see figure-1). Also the technology is very flexible. It provides solutions available for all computer operating systems, such as MS DOS, MS Windows series (3.1/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/CE), Apple OS, and even Linux. It helps people make current computers become more and more interactive. And meanwhile it also makes pc smaller and more mobile. PDA is the best example. If we don??t have touch screen technology we can’t imagine we can make it as small as a credit card.

However, that is not enough. I still consider that the interactive function of touch screen technology is limited. It cannot meet the future’s e-business and personal application’s demand. It just takes place of some input devices such as keyboard, mouse, and trackball. How about scanners, fax machines?

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I think it is feasible through current IT to realize the imagination. We just need to integrate touch screen technology with infrared ray scan technology. In this way, when we want to fax a document or a picture to another computer we just need put it on the screen. The screen will scan it and send it. This function is pretty useful in mobile e-business transaction. Furthermore, the technology will improve our mobile computer’s security level. Through this technology we can set a fingerprint lock on our mobile computers. Thus when we want use the computers we have to let the screen scan our fingerprints. That means our computers just can be used by their owners. Moreover, we also can use this scanner to log in other systems and LANs in security. Your password can be stolen but your fingerprint can be stolen easily.

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