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Database security includes several technologies to ensure the protection of databases and applications, servers, and systems that use databases. To implement the comprehensive protection, many different tools are used, starting with the physical security and ending with antivirus software.

Among the most common threats to the database systems functioning are unauthorized access and use of data, damage caused by malicious software, hacker attacks intended to disable temporary the system, technical problems with the database equipment, the physical damage to equipment due to natural disasters, failure of power supply, errors in the design of the system and the software failures, problems related to the human factor.

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Usually databases system are equipped with serious protection in order to make impossible any unauthorized access to the system data and management. For this there are a number of specialized software tools that have a fairly high efficiency. However, due to the specifics of these systems, which are basically a repository of diverse information provided to the general or limited access, the main feature that such protection required is flexibility.

Some companies have a comprehensive approach to the protection of their database systems and develop methods of universal protection. Such complex security is primarily a standardization of the premises, equipment, and software. There is also a development of a strict procedure of the personnel access to protected data

Information is the most valuable product of our time. Who owns the information, owns the world. In these conditions, data protection is of paramount importance. For providing database security huge amount of money is spend, but the effectiveness of the means used is far from absolute. Students, who are interested in such a topic, should give full consideration to the mechanisms of functioning of these systems and carefully explore the technology for their protection. It is necessary for young researchers to see clearly the effectiveness of a particular approach to ensure information security. Students should carefully consider the question of flexibility of software protection and explain the controversial aspects of the defense.

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