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Permissive Parenting Research Paper

In permissive parenting, parents almost do not regulate behavior of the child; they are open for close interaction with the child. Complete freedom is given to children with an insignificant guidance by the parents.

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The absence of some limitations results in disobedience and aggressiveness, children often behave inadequately in public, they are inclined to indulge their weaknesses, have impulsive behavior. At a favorable set of circumstances, children in such families become active, strong, and creative personalities. If the connivance is accompanied by open hostility from the parents, nothing stops a child from giving vent to the most destructive impulses.

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Most psychologists consider that a child needs the access to his mother to have the sense of security and not have the sense of anxiety.

However, it is important that maternal love does not take the child personal space, does not repress the child independence, and does not stand in the way of the child maturing. A mother must have not only a desire to be with the kid but also desire to separate and release him.

Physical presence of mother, close interaction with her, emotional relation, all of it is integrated in the child growing and development with influence on the child health and course his or her life.

Maternal love is an ultimate presence of life and is one of the necessities for child. Most mothers give “milk” to the children, but not many give them “honey.” Maternal love must teach the child to love the life, and only a happy woman can teach it. O else, the child sees all the mother anxiety, which strongly influences personality of the child. The essence of maternal love is to assist the growth of her child, to love the growing child, help him become independent.

It is needed to notice that the “environment” of the child that forms his personality and influences all his further existence, is not only his mother, but it is his family on the whole that will meet or leave frustrated the psychical necessities of the child.

For the satisfaction of the child’s psychical necessities, a good family environment is the best option. Family gives to the child not only optimal possibilities for forming his personality, but it also naturally introduces him in ever-expanding social relations, creates pre-conditions for his socialization. The child studies to react to constantly changing social situations. With mother and other family members help and support, the child finds and attaches new relations, occupies certain roles and positions in society.

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