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Argentina is located in the south-eastern part of mainland South America. The territory, except for the mainland part, comprises the eastern part of the island of Tierra del Fuego, and other small islands. Malvinas Islands in the Atlantic Ocean is a disputed territory between Argentina and Britain.

In the east, the country has a wide outlet to the Atlantic Ocean. The banks consist mostly of thurms, but the estuary of La Plata cuts into the land for 320 kilometers. Argentina is bordered on the west by Chile, on the north by Bolivia and Paraguay, with Brazil and Uruguay on the northeast.

Argentine territory is stretched in the meridional direction. The longest distance between its northern and southern extreme points is 3,700 kilometers. The great length of maritime boundaries played an important role in the development of its external economic relations.

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The history of the modern country dates back to the XVI century, when Spanish conquerors, decimating the indigenous Indian population, took a lot of land in South America. One of the colonies was based in the south of the continent. She was named Argentina, which means silver in Spanish. But they did not find any gold or silver there.

About for three centuries, Argentina was an abandoned colony of Spain. There were no changes after the country gained independence from Spain in the early XIX century. The struggle for power between different groups of the oligarchy was accompanied by numerous coups and countercoups. The penetration of foreign capital into the country, first English, and then the U.S., led to greater dependence, rising social and political instability.

However, in the second half of the last century, Argentina has become a major supplier of food to Western Europe. This was facilitated by the fact that the country is located in the southern hemisphere, and its harvest ripens when there is winter in Europe. Crops of wheat and maize occupy the spaces of Pampa, a plain, located near the Atlantic Ocean. Pampa on Indian language means “land without forests.”

At the end of the XIX century, to reclaim the fertile land of Pampa and settle in the mild climate in Argentina, the stream of immigrants from different countries of Europe, mainly Spaniards and Italians, but also Germans and Scots, headed to Argentine. Thus, the population of Argentina has developed significantly under the pressure of mass European immigration. The local Indian population was almost completely destroyed during the Spanish colonization. Today, only 650,000 people are Indians and mestizos in Argentina.

The Argentine nation was formed by the Creoles (descendants of Spanish conquerors), partially mingled with the local Indians, and later, in the XIX century, with many immigrants mostly from Europe. Therefore, Argentina refers to the “white” States in Latin America (along with Uruguay).

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