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Ludwig van Beethoven, 15-17 December 1770, Bonn, Germany – 26 March 1827, Vienna, Austria, the last great representative of the Viennese classicism (after Gluck, Haydn and Mozart), and also a precursor of Romanticism in music, is considered to be one of the greatest musical artists of all time. Unclassifiable, his art was expressed through different genres, and although his symphonic music was the main reason for his popularity, writing piano and chamber music were also his strong parts.

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In the history of music, Ludwig van Beethoven is the central figure in both classicism and romanticism. His work paved the way for the development of the music of the nineteenth century. Beethoven owes his worldwide popularity to his nine symphonies, but of not less significance are his sonatas, variations for piano and chamber music, especially string quartets. Beethoven’s music combines the intensity of the feelings and the perfection of form, which are expressed in the apotheosis of the freedom and dignity of the individual will to live, heroism, struggle with the fate, and joy.

With his overcoming willpower, despite hard struggles of a life marked by deafness that strikes at age 26, he celebrated in his music the triumph of heroism and joy, when destiny prescribed him isolation and misery. He was awarded for that by this assertion of French writer Romain Rolland: “He is much more than the best of musicians. He is the most heroic force of modern art.” The expression of unalterable faith in man and voluntary optimism, claiming musical creation as the action of a free and independent artist, Beethoven’s music has made him one of the most influential figures in the history music.

The contribution to the music this great man made can hardly be overestimated. College students who write their research papers on Ludwig van Beethoven have to understand clearly the role of the musician in the music history. In order to represent such a large figure as Beethoven in your paper, it is obligatory for you to be prepared. You need to investigate scrupulously his biography, learn the opinions of his contemporaries, and read the modern scholars who study his work, as well as listen to Beethoven’s outstanding music. It is expected that you pay much attention in your research proposals on Beethoven to willpower of this staunch man who, having lost his hearing, continued to create and to celebrate life.

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