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English Proficiency Term Paper

English proficiency is the index which is supposed to measure the average rate of knowledge of the English language from country to country. The international educational company called EF Education First has decided to provide quality courses for the adults all over the world and teach them the English language. There has been created a special test which enables the experts to define the level of knowledge of the language of the person.

The adult has to provide information about his nationality in order to insert this information into the general register of EF Education First which collects information about the average level of knowledge of English. Naturally, the test touches upon all the aspects of the language checking grammar, reading, communicative skills, etc. People are able to sign in for the online classes anytime and pass the test in the convenient time.

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According to the latest survey Europe is the most educated part of the world concerning English and Latin America possess the lowest results. Such countries as Sweden, Norway.

Estonia have got the highest scores and it means that the traveller is able to meet a local English speaking person frequently and the level of her knowledge will be very high. Of course, many experts treat English Proficiency pessimistic, because this index is still not quite an objective one, because only well-educated people decide to sign in for the test. So that if many people pass the test form one country successfully – it does not mean that the whole population of the country is the same – the testing is quite selective. Moreover, it is often impossible to check the actual level of knowledge of the language because the applicants have the access to the Internet and can find the answer there.

English Proficiency is the universal test which measures the level of knowledge of the English language in different countries of the world. The student who is asked to dwell on the details of the test should write about the company which has decided to work out such a test, the strong and the weak sides of the test, etc.

One can also provide the professor with statistics and demonstrate the countries which have the highest and the lowest scores and think about the results, their cause and effect. Finally one can write about the relevance and effectiveness of English Proficiency in the modern challenging world.

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