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is a statistical discipline that deals with the techniques of measuring psychological phenomena such as knowledge, skills, attitudes, traits, and personal characteristics. The subjects of psychomotorics’ research are typically the differences between individuals or between groups of individuals. As an auxiliary science, psychometrics is used within the marketing, developmental psychology, and other social sciences.

The main psychometrics’ research area is formulating and refining the theoretical underpinnings of the measure itself, as well as developing and refining specific psychometric’ measuring instruments.

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Problems using measurement method can be found in all scientific disciplines but are a particular problem in psychology, when it refers to the psychological characters: is there really any idea how to translate the views, attitudes and adjustment difficulties in numbers? The term ‘psychometrics’ is a combination of words psyche and metric (meaning measure). Psychometrics is not a method of measuring the mind or personality, but a method to measure/evaluate tests that claim to measure the mind/personality.

The problem of measuring people’s psychological characters is in that they cannot be observed directly (the internal world can only be mirrored by behaviors) and thereby the results are based on probability theses: ex, we measure the intelligence of an individual on the basis of observations of his specific behavior and then we hypothetically calculate the probability of whether the behavior and character, we want to examine and measure, has connection. We always measure this way when we choose to use a psychological approach.

So as to use different measurements in physics to describe different units of study, psychologists would examine the level of anxiety to describe the sad mood. The description of the psychological characters is fundamental to both the research and application of the psychological areas. Clinical psychologists can use various tests to measure anxiety levels (such as Hamilton anxiety scale) in their patients and then determine the methods of treatment. The psychologists want to measure the motivation of job seekers. Although measurement in physics and psychology do not differ formally, we are not accustomed to thinking of anxiety in the form of numbers. In reality, the rules remain the same despite the fact that measurement of anxiety are much more difficult to perform when the risk not to examine what we actually want to examine is much larger.

Psychometrics consists of statistical analyses of the datasets that are collected with the test to evaluate. The statistical methods used are mainly correlation analyses. Tests will receive a quality reference by the Psychometrics analyses expressed above all in the concepts of validity and reliability. There are a number of other measurements on a test that is also used as the standard error in measure with several dimensions.

Psychometrics tests have been criticized for the impossibility or the futility of characterizing a human mind by a set of measures. The value of these tests is now tempered by psychologists as they only allow a spot measurement of phenomena that can be dynamic.

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