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Sports Injuries Research Paper

Sports injuries can occur during prolonged physical activity, when the cartilage between the tendon fibers is reborn, stiffens, co-ossifies, has bony overgrowth spikes, osteophytes and bony spurs. All these processes lead to the tendinosis that cause pain in places of fastening of the tendons, increasing at the load on the attached muscles and when pulping the muscle. Tendinosis or tendinopathies indicating the overload on the muscle.

Use free example research papers on sports injuries to learn that the most frequent tendinosis occur in athletes because the load on their muscles s too heavy. Depending on the different sports tendinosis have different localization. This, in turn, depends on the most affected muscles.

Tendinosis at the attachment of the trapezius muscles and diamond-shaped muscles are most often found in practicing such sports as throwing, gymnastics, tennis, and weight lifting.

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Tendinosis of the shoulder and biceps at the place of their attachment to the blade, and occurs in those who practice volleyball, handball, tennis, weightlifting. Tennis, table tennis, handball, volleyball, cross-country skiing, biathlon, Javelin, volleyball are causing stress to the extensors of the fingers and hands, development of tendonitis in the place of attachment of muscle at the side of the humerus muscle. The problem is called a tennis elbow.

Tendinitis in the wrist area is a problem for athletes practicing gymnastics, diving, boxing and table tennis. Tendinitis in the wrist flexor of the elbow occurs in athletes engaged in diving.

In the football players, who are experiencing heavy load on the lower extremities, tendinitis may develop in place of attaching the thin muscle to branches of the ischium bone, the so-called thin muscles syndrome.

The tendinitis are also an issue for the sprinters, jumpers, volleyball players, basketball players, soccer players. Patients usually complain of pain in the tendon attachment. The pain increases at load. Physical activity is sometimes impossible due to the acute pain.

When feeling the muscle attachment site, the pain intensifies. X-ray study can be of assistance in diagnosis, but only when there is long-term tendonitis that led to changes in bone structure in the place muscle attaches tendon. In other cases the changes cannot be detected by radiography.

Treatment of tendinitis begins with offloading the affected tendon. The training process should be stopped or continued without stress on the affected muscle. In the cases with acute pain nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. With significant tissue edema, decongestant medication is prescribed for days.

Physiotherapy is also applied. If the pain does not stop, the solution of glucocorticoid hormones should be administered in the area of the affected tendon attachment. This usually gives a good anesthetic effect, but these injections should not be used frequently, as glucocorticoid hormones can lead to the dystrophy of connective tissue.

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