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Lockheed Martin Research Paper

Lockheed Martin is the first American and global company in defense and security, Like its major competitors, it designs and manufactures various products in which electronics and technology play a key role. In 2008, 84% of the company’s sales were made to the U.S. State, and the rest mainly to other States. In 2010, on the 45.8 billion dollars in sales, 17.3 billion come from contracts signed with the US administration (10.9 billion in defense, 6.6 billion in civil).

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Lockheed Martin was born in 1995 by the merger of Lockheed and Martin. Both companies were at the origin of the aviation groups. Today, Lockheed Martin remains among others known for its combat aircrafts: F-16, F-22, and F-35. They account for about 20% of the Company turnover in 2008.

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Allan brothers and Malcolm Loughead formed the Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company in 1912 in Santa Barbara, California, renamed Loughead Aircraft Manufacturing Company in 1916.

The company went bankrupt and Allan Loughead re-created the Lockheed Aircraft Company in 1926 in Hollywood, California.

He sold it in 1929 to Detroit Aircraft Corporation, which went bankrupt in turn. The society was recreated once again by brothers Courtlandt S. and Robert E. Gross in 1934 in Burbank, California under the name of Lockheed Corp.

In March 1995, Lockheed Corporation for 10 billion dollars merged with Martin Marietta to form Lockheed Martin Corp. Martin Marietta in particular brought Lockheed Atlas and Titan launchers.

In January 1996, Lockheed Martin made another major acquisition for $ 9.1 billion, that of the electronic activities of Loral Corp., New York.

At that time, Lockheed Martin was be the world leader in the defense sector before McDonnell Douglas, with a turnover of $ 14.4 billion in 1995.

Lockheed has been affected by the decline in military orders from the Pentagon ordered by the Obama administration, leading to firing of 730 employees in 2009, to which must be added the announcement of the elimination of 1,200 jobs out of a total of 140,000 (2% of the workforce) in January 2010.

During the early 2000s, four of his employees have died in Afghanistan and other two were murdered by Al-Qaida in Saudi Arabia. You can use free sample research papers on Lockheed Martin to learn more on the topic.

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