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Free Research Paper about Ubiquitous Computing:

Ubiquitous computing is a concept of human-machine interaction, originated in 1988, that implies computing devices seamless integration into the environment, where all the components operate as the system and can communicate with each other.

According to the concept, computers are not visible, but they are still there. In fact, they are even closer to man and his activity, they penetrate all the imaginable spheres of human life. In the ubiquitous computing universe, computing devices envelope the person, they become digital personal assistants. You do not have to focus on the communicating with the computer, but rather concentrate on performing the task.

There is a variety of terms to describe the ubiquitous computing paradigm, many of which are associated with a specific purpose: pervasive computing, physical computing, the Internet of Things, ambient intelligence, haptic computing, everyware, things that think and the spime. All these concepts share the same idea of cheap micro computing devices that surround and help us in our daily activities.

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As an example, ubiquitous computing environment can imperceptibly control room illuminations and heating accordingly to our demands, of which it is aware through the biometric sensors sewn into our clothes. There is another common example with a “smart” refrigerator that controls its content and takes decisions to order necessary products.

In both scenarios, it is already clear that existing models of human-computer interaction are no more suitable for the ubiquitous computing environment. This means that the technology to fit the conception is yet to develop. At the same time, it is obvious that to some extent we are already living in an ubicomp universe, where existing computing devices anticipate the era of an extremely functional ubiquitous computing.

It is hardly possible to imagine today’s life without pc, mobile phone, gps, digital camera, etc. By the day, we plunge still deeper in the world of high technology, but near is a time, when all these devices become our extensions. Students, who write their research paper, have to present their vision of this concept implementation. They have to try to predicate what will be the era of ubiquitous computing, what help can it bring to average people, and how it can make our lives easier and a little less complicated. The investigators will have to use all their creativity, imagination as well as the knowledge and understanding of the modern technology to look persuasive in their argumentation.

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