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It is believed that the foundations of modern mathematics – its geometric part – were laid by Euclid, and the foundations of differential calculus – the basis of modern mathematical analysis – were presented in the writings of Newton and Leibniz. There is, however, a number of works that are unknown to wide range of readers, which address a mathematical knowledge contained in the Vedas – the ancient monument of human culture, which is, at least for a few thousand years, older than all famous ancient Greek writings.

The Vedas (from Sanskrit – source of knowledge), according to Indian beliefs, contain all the knowledge, both scientific and ethical, initially given to humankind. The Vedas, originally written in Sanskrit in the form of short sayings (sutras), do not contain theorems and mathematical calculations.

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Instead, there are operating instructions – rules for resolving certain tasks. The interpretation of the instruction requires both a deep knowledge of Vedic culture and professional mathematical training.

Vedic maths legacy was adapted by an eminent Indian philosopher Shankaracharya Sri Krishna Tirtha Barati (1884-1960). After profound studying the Vedic knowledge, he planned to write 16 volumes on Vedic mathematics, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, the theory of conic sections, astronomical calculations, differential, and integral calculus. Unfortunately, during his lifetime he had time to prepare only the first two volumes, which included elements of arithmetic, algebra of polynomials, and geometry. Vedic maths presented by Sri Shankaracharya, though reduced theorems well-known to the Western reader, contains so convenient methods of their applications, which often appears to be almost a miracle. Thus, it is possible to perform the instant multiplication of seven-digit numbers in mind using a well-known properties of the polynomial algebra. The Shankaracharya’s lectures on Vedic mathematics were met with enthusiasm in U.S. universities and India.

In their research proposals on Vedic maths, student mst indicate that the Vedas are considered one of the most ancient scriptures in the world. According to the modern science of Indology, the Vedas were composed during the period, which lasted for about a thousand years. It began by composing a “Rig-Veda” in about the XVI century BC and reached its climax with the creation of various Shakhas in northern India. It was completed in the time of Buddha and Panini in the V century BC. Most scientists agree on the fact that before the Vedas was put on paper, for centuries existed a tradition of their oral transmission.

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