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Ethical Egoism Term Paper

Ethical egoism is an individual position towards understanding of the concepts of good and evil and one’s own activity for his self-interest. Obviously, ethical egoism is quite a complicated problem for understanding, because many people confuse ethical egoism with other forms of egoism. The main idea of ethical egoism is the human activity that does not cause harm to other people. In some aspects, this form of egoism is understood like rational egoism, because a human being understands what is good and bad to her.

Naturally, one is not obliged to do something what can be harmful to him, even for the sake of other people. When one’s desires do not meet the desires of other people, he can not be called an egoist, because he simply cares about his own benefit, though he does not want to cause harm to these people. This idea is close to the philosophy of individualism, where everyone cares about himself and where everyone is responsible for his own actions.

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It is impossible to accuse someone of your own failures, so everyone should care about his own life and actions. There are scholars who claim that ethical egoism is a protest against charity, because if one practices charity, he does not help the person who is in need, as it is better to teach one to achieve everything with the help of hard work but not with the help of free material aid. Moreover, ethical egoism is not connected with morality, because, primarily one does not care about the consequences of his actions on others but about his own benefit.

Ethical egoism is supposed to be interesting to everyone who has ethics, philosophy and psychology as his major disciplines. Naturally, students should think about the detailed analysis of ethical egoism, its components, principles and aspects of this issue. Obviously, one should try to explain this problem to his teacher in order to satisfy him and to receive the highest mark. The quality of a term paper depends on its informative value, structure and its manner of presentation of facts, so one should try to take efforts to prepare a precise and well-structured assignment.

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